Is it 1970?!

Before I get into the title of my post, I’d like to comment on my last blog post! I asked the question about everyone’s plans for July. This is likely to be a question that I ask at the start of each month!

I was able to find out what all my parents had in the diary for this month – for retired folks, they keep VERY busy! I also want to say happy (belated) anniversary to Jel!

Happy July 4th to everyone in America! I hope you have all had wonderful celebrations today. One of my friends on Facebook wished me a Happy July 4th… Hmmm… No real celebrations worth mentioning, especially since it was a work day and I didn’t leave until 7:45pm! Last year, one of my friends asked me if I was going to go dump tea in the Thames! That thought still makes me laugh.

Anyway… Are you wondering why I asked the question about the 70s? This was my sight yesterday at Lauren’s school!


Isn’t she precious?! I decorated her jeans with markers and her daddy found these fabulous accessories! She already had the Tory Burch tunic.

Her class had their end of year term concert and danced while singing to 5 songs from Abba. They did a great job and she loved every minute of it – in fact, I think she knows the words better than me!

Afterwards, two other moms and I took them to Primrose Hill Bakery! They had so much fun being silly and eating cupcakes, of course!


In celebration of July 4th, this is the cupcake that I chose!


I will leave you with one last picture – Lauren and her mummy!


I hope you continue to have a great day! Things will be busy tomorrow – work and packing for Lauren and me to leave on our mummy/daughter holiday! We are going to the Cote d’ Azur! I just love the French Riviera! 🙂

What did you do to celebrate July 4th?


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It’s 1 July… What Does That Mean?

The answer… Lots of things!

First, don’t be surprised… But, I actually cooked dinner! I pounded out some chicken breasts and then stuffed them with spinach, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes! Then, I rolled them up and baked them in the oven. It was so good, quick and easy! Definitely repeating this dinner item!


Today is Canada Day! I actually have several Canadian readers out there and Lauren says, “Happy Canada Day” to you! She loved her flag that I put on her hand so that all of my readers could enjoy it today! Please excuse the messy family room… I do have an almost three year old though… And small flat! 🙂


Now on to what 1 July means to me… It’s the beginning of MY birthday month!! 🙂

You see, it used to be only my birthday month… However, I now have to share it with someone… Lauren! 🙂 She was born four weeks early just so that we could share the same birthday month. It was close to being the same birthday though as she was born three days before my birthday!

I told her that it was ‘our’ birthday month today this morning. She quickly replied with, “No, mummy. It is MY birthday month!” So, there you have it… I can only assume this is how July will be for the rest of my life! Just as I was wrapped up in my ‘self pity’ an email came through! Tory Burch recognised my birthday month! 🙂


Isn’t it fabulous?! I can’t wait to spend it! 🙂

There are lots of other exciting things going on this month! Stay tuned for all of the excitement… Lauren and Mummy’s 2nd Annual Holiday, birthday celebrations, trip to Texas and finally… A trip to Maui! 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well and had a fabulous weekend! 🙂

What do you have planned for July?


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Yummy Food!

Okay, I think we all get the hint by now… I perfected the ‘art of doing nothing’ during our holiday to Tenerife! So, let’s get on to the good stuff – what I ate on the last few days for dinner!

Billy and I went on a date for the third night’s dinner! Bailey and Lauren went to Guest Relations and borrowed the movie ‘Tangled.’ Yes, this is Lauren’s favourite and she sings along to all of the songs – so cute! We ate at their sushi restaurant called Kabuki. Oh, the sushi was SO lovely!

When we sat down, they brought out a salmon starter.


For my meal, I had tuna sashimi along with a tuna sushi piece that had a dollop of Dijon mustard on the top along with a mini Kobe sushi piece burger. So incredible!



The next day, Lauren and I met Billy at the golf club after his round. The view was incredible and I had my camera!




For dinner on the last night, we ate at El Mirador and had an incredible table! I will let the pictures do the explaining! Dinner was tuna tartare, salt encrusted sea bass (must learn to make this) and a three-chocolate dessert! 🙂 All of the kids enjoyed having Bailey to play with! It was so fun to watch all of the kids run after her… And watch her act like a kid! 🙂 Several of the kids gave her a huge hug when she told them bye – they enjoyed having her attention!









And then, all good things come to an end… At least we had a beautiful sunset to end the holiday! Ahhh…. I need to frame these sunsets! 🙂




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Tenerife… Continues!

Our fun in Tenerife continued! We were on a half-board plan that gave us a wonderful and massive breakfast buffet along with the wonderful dinners at various restaurants!

We headed down to breakfast where they gave out wonderful glasses of cava and bottles of Coca Cola Light – included in the half board! Each morning, I had a made-to-order omelette and Greek yoghurt parfait! So yummy! 🙂


Our routine then included heading back to the room before hitting the beach! To get to the beach, we got to take the funicular down!


Bailey and Lauren made a sandcastle and did a fabulous job!


Billy golfed each day and then would come meet us at the pool or beach! Every day for lunch, we ordered off the kids menu for the chicken croquettes – they were so good!


You know what I had for dinner on the second night! The same thing as the previous night! 🙂 Can you believe all of that was included in the price of our stay – yummy rack of lamb, eggplant and goat cheese starter and fabulous three chocolate dessert?! Here was our view – same for dinner and breakfast! This was a koi pond with really beautiful fish!


Here is a picture of Lauren and me at the second night of dinner!


We had an early reservation this night as I wanted to watch the sunset. We went first to the Persian Gardens and then watched the rest from our balcony. So pretty! When I retire, the only thing I require is a view of the sun setting into the Mediterranean Sea – not picky or anything! 🙂



I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! We are exhausted from the many birthday parties over the weekend! But, they were so much fun and Lauren had an absolute blast – as did I visiting with everyone!

Happy Sunday! Do you enjoy watching sunsets? Aren’t they the best to watch?!


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Beautiful Tenerife!

Hi there and Happy Friday! I hope you didn’t think that I’d run away!

This week was a 3-day work week given the Queen’s Jubilee. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures to share… But, a co-worker and fellow blogger shared her wonderful weekend of adventures with me and fabulous pictures – looked like a fun time!!!

We were at Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It was beautiful, sunny and warm!! I’m not sure where to begin – so I guess… Let’s start from the beginning!

We arrived in Tenerife and were instantly whisked away by car for a 30 min journey to our resort – Abama Ritz Carlton. It was gorgeous and lovely. Upon arriving, they served us glasses of champagne or fruit juices on a silver tray. Since I’m allergic to most fruit juice, I had to drink the champagne! I took my glass up to the room and savoured it while sitting on our balcony looking out to the ocean!!


We then took off for the beach! It was a lovely sandy beach and you reached it via the funicular. However, we were starving! So, first stop was the beach club for lunch. I had sea bass straight off the grill!



We then headed to the main pool, which was perfect for Lauren as it had a gradual entry and she had lots of kids to play with!


It was time to get ready for dinner as we had 7:45 reservations at Pampa Verona – that place was yummy! However, I had a bit more time yet to sit on the balcony!



We headed to dinner! My starter was grilled eggplant with warm goat cheese, main was rack of lamb (SO good!) and a three-chocolate dessert. In case you were wondering I had the same thing the next night!




Lauren had the kid’s buffet which included lollipops.




This was our lovely view as we walked back to our hotel room!


I hope you each have a lovely weekend and enjoyed Day 1 of Tenerife!


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Isn’t Nice… Nice?!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Monaco! We watched the Monaco F1 qualifiers yesterday and it is so fun to see where you were just standing or sitting the week before! Looks like another day of gorgeous weather there!

While in the South of France, we stayed in Nice. It is just so beautiful!

After a wonderful breakfast in the hotel, we set off walking! The water was just so clear and blue!


We had been looking up one of the large hills and could always see a waterfall with viewing area. It was calling our names and we all set out for it! Can you see it in this picture amongst the trees?


I’m so glad we made the journey as the view was incredible! They had a playground for Lauren, and well that is all she ever asks for in life… Besides a chocolate cookie, chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream! Yikes… I think she might like chocolate more than me!


The Mediterranean Sea looked even more blue and clear from up there!


It was fun to look down on the town of Nice to see where we had walked, had dinner and in general enjoyed just being in a fabulous location!


Here is a picture of the waterfall. It was just really pretty and I’m glad we ventured up there!


You could even see the airport, which made me a bit sad thinking about our adventure ending in just a few hours!


But, we still had a bit more time to stop and smell the roses in a lovely rose garden…


… And, Lauren to ride the carousel a few more times!


Here is a picture of me and the girls waiting for our ride to the airport!


Back for reality! After this long week, it feels like years ago! But, I look at the pictures and have watched the F1 qualifiers in Monaco to realise that it really was just a week ago that I was going up to the beautiful waterfall!

Do trips ever seem like that for you? Maybe, I need to just practice more of ‘living in the present!’

Have a great Sunday!


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Money, Money, Money… Isn’t it funny…

… In a Rich Man’s World. Those are the words to an Abba song, which then goes on to say…

I must go to Las Vegas or Monaco and win a fortune in a game… My life will never be the same.

Yes, this is one of my absolute favourite songs. I did go to Monaco this weekend, but my life is still the same! No fortune was won from a monetary standpoint, but lots of rich memories were had! 🙂

My in-laws were in town and we took a weekend trip to Nice/Monaco. The flight is ~1.5 hours from London and not bad at all! We woke up Saturday morning (Bailey and I had flown in on Friday night and saw a gazillion private planes – literally – at the Nice airport. I’m sure there are lots anyway, but likely most were there for the Cannes film festival) and took the train from Nice to Monaco! It only takes about 20 minutes – max!


Upon arrival, you could instantly tell Monte-Carlo was ready for this weekend’s F1 race!


We headed down toward the Casino, which has very fond memories for me! My father and I went here for Father’s Day one year and we had just enough money left to get ice cream! We had a very fun trip… Oh so many years ago! I digress… We arrived at the casino and saw the fabulous cars parked out front. My mother and father-in-law and I went inside for a tour and it was so beautiful. I stood in awe looking at the ceiling, paintings and chandeliers. Absolutely exquisite!

Check out the casino reflection inside this mirrored water fountain.



My girls and I stopped for a photo at one of the fountains in front of the casino!


Did you see the blue stadium seats? That is for this weekend’s F1 race. They were set-up all over town along with massive TVs so that people could see the race even when not in that area.

Billy had his chance to go inside the casino, while we all went to get ice cream! It was hot that day – in the mid-70s.

Then, we hit a fork in the road… Shopping or walking the F1 track? These are tough decisions, I’m sure for someone… But not for Bailey and me! After all, do you see the shop names listed on that sign?!


We went shopping and told them that we’d catch up with them! We went shopping and sure enough caught up with them! The views were just gorgeous as we walked closer to the marina and start of Sunday’s race.

The mega-yachts were amazing! I ensured Bailey remembered our deal… I can’t wait for her to buy me that yacht so that I can just sit back and relax on it 365 days a year! The world would be at my fingertips!


You can see the palace in the background of the above picture!


Here I am putting my hand in the water… Brrrr, it was very cold!


We found the Ferrari store! Whilst here, Lauren found a bike and told us, “this is my bike… My bike.” When it was time to leave, she was not keen on leaving her bike and let it be known she wasn’t thrilled! Of course, she was also very tired!


We then headed to the train station for our journey back to Nice!


The train takes you by my favourite place in the whole world – Villefranche. Billy and I have talked about retiring here many times! Yep, I could get used to this view 24 hours a day! 🙂


While we walked back to the hotel, I popped into a ‘supermarche’ to pick up some supplies for a wine and cheese party. My in-laws were lucky enough to get a room that had a fabulous balcony! We all know that I’m not one to pass up a balcony party! Check out our pictures!





There was a carousel along the promenade and Lauren must have ridden it >7 times this last weekend! They gave her a ticket and she was so excited to show it off! 🙂 I just love her smiles! 🙂



Back to one of my favourite songs… Had I won big, I’m not sure how my life would have been so different! I’ve always said that I’d still work – albeit, I would probably purchase a Pilates studio and teach classes! Can you fit 6 Pilates reformers on a mega-yacht? If the answer is yes, then you would probably find me on my mega-yacht, teaching Pilates all while docked at Villefranche! Oh how I love to dream… Would your life be different? I hope you are having a great week!


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