Did I Win The Lottery?

Well, I’ve decided that it is hard to win the lottery when you don’t play! If I was to win, I really hope it is in the UK as winnings are considered tax-free.

At work, we always have a discussion around working if you won a substantial lottery. The first time I was asked this everyone was shocked at my reply.

You see, if I won the lottery I would keep working. Yes, you read that correctly! Although, they never asked me where…

This is where I’d work


Yes, you saw that picture correctly. I’d work on the super yacht that I bought; however, it would be teaching reformer Pilates classes!

I absolutely love reformer Pilates and think I would get great clientele out in the Mediterranean. Clients could call me up or send an email to find out where I’d be and they could bring their yacht (or charter boat) up to mine and take an hour long session! 🙂 Then off they go to finish their holiday. I wonder if I could get a tax deduction since I’d run my business on the yacht or the cost of my fuel since I need to get around to various clients?!

Hey, what’s a girl to do if she can’t dream?! Besides, I don’t even play the lottery, but I do love reformer Pilates!

To answer that question – yes, I would work if I won the lottery! How about you… Would you work if you won?

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll have more pictures from Cannes tomorrow. Although, the yacht picture was taken while in Cannes!


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1 Response to Did I Win The Lottery?

  1. Rachel says:

    I always thought if I won the lottery that I would buy a huge farm with a few homes on it and I’d have lots of animals and lots and lots of horses especially. Then I could work on the farm if I wanted to or ride a horse all day long every day!! I think some of my family would also live on the farm. I’d have a petting zoo for kids to come and visit. I’d have sort of a dude ranch where people could come and take trail rides and even camp out overnight if they wanted to. I could also take the occasional trip and come out to your yacht and take some Pilates classes! Yes….nothing like dreaming is there!!

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