We have had what feels like non-stop rain for the last 3 months coupled with cold weather. I’d had enough of this weather and booked Lauren and me for a flight to Nice and the Cote d’ Azur!

Lauren and I were heading for the airport via Gatwick Express! It is a 1.5 hour flight and incredibly easy. Here she is ready to leave the flat!


As soon as we landed, we were whisked away to our hotel and then quickly headed down to the beach. It was packed, but we had reserved seats, umbrella and towels! We weren’t excited about all of the rocks, but made the most of it!


This was at 5pm and look at how crowded the beach still is!


Our beach closed at 6, so we headed back to the room and quickly changed for dinner and the carousel! I’m sure you remember the carousel from our last trip to Nice! She loves this carousel!


This is where I really wanted to eat, but it was totally full until Tuesday night… We were only there until Sunday! 😦 That is okay as Billy promised to take me there in August when we get back from America.


I had a lovely dinner companion and we sat on a beautiful terrace!


My dinner was incredible. Right now, I’m addicted to anything and everything goat’s cheese with sundried tomatoes! My starter was warm goat’s cheese on a gingerbread crust with dried figs and green apple dressing on the top. The plate had some lettuce and sundried tomatoes… Oh my, it was SO great!


My main course was salmon with sorrel sauce and it was really nice!


Lauren was getting tired, so no dessert for me. 😦 After dinner, we took off for a walk on the promenade to watch the sunset. My favourite sunsets are those where you can see the sun fall straight into the ocean. This was a nice beautiful pink sky, but no sun falling into the ocean!


We were off to the hotel as we had an early morning to get to Cannes on Saturday, but I looked up and saw this… My ideal residence at some point in my life! Look at this window that is open. It has the most perfect location in Nice… Close to the nicest restaurants, looks onto the beach/Mediterranean Sea and great window/door that opens up!


As you can tell it was a perfect start to the holiday! 🙂

Do you have a favourite food similar to my goat’s cheese and sun dried tomato combination?


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1 Response to Enough!

  1. I am so jealous. I want a real summer!!!! If I won the lotto I’d buy a yacht but spend most of my time in the cote d’azur!!!

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