Beautiful Tenerife!

Hi there and Happy Friday! I hope you didn’t think that I’d run away!

This week was a 3-day work week given the Queen’s Jubilee. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures to share… But, a co-worker and fellow blogger shared her wonderful weekend of adventures with me and fabulous pictures – looked like a fun time!!!

We were at Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It was beautiful, sunny and warm!! I’m not sure where to begin – so I guess… Let’s start from the beginning!

We arrived in Tenerife and were instantly whisked away by car for a 30 min journey to our resort – Abama Ritz Carlton. It was gorgeous and lovely. Upon arriving, they served us glasses of champagne or fruit juices on a silver tray. Since I’m allergic to most fruit juice, I had to drink the champagne! I took my glass up to the room and savoured it while sitting on our balcony looking out to the ocean!!


We then took off for the beach! It was a lovely sandy beach and you reached it via the funicular. However, we were starving! So, first stop was the beach club for lunch. I had sea bass straight off the grill!



We then headed to the main pool, which was perfect for Lauren as it had a gradual entry and she had lots of kids to play with!


It was time to get ready for dinner as we had 7:45 reservations at Pampa Verona – that place was yummy! However, I had a bit more time yet to sit on the balcony!



We headed to dinner! My starter was grilled eggplant with warm goat cheese, main was rack of lamb (SO good!) and a three-chocolate dessert. In case you were wondering I had the same thing the next night!




Lauren had the kid’s buffet which included lollipops.




This was our lovely view as we walked back to our hotel room!


I hope you each have a lovely weekend and enjoyed Day 1 of Tenerife!


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3 Responses to Beautiful Tenerife!

  1. Rachel says:

    You live the good life Karen!! The room and view are wonderful. I almost didn’t notice Lauren on the bed in the room photo. That is a GREAT room!! She looks like a doll on that huge bed! I started to write “Enjoy!”….but you are doing that already!! Keep it up!!

  2. Jim says:

    Well, Karen, this place looks nice. Very nice. 🙂
    Mom and I were talking about how you eat so much more variety of food than you did at home.
    Did you ever eat egg plant back then? Would you eat a fish with head on and eyes looking at you?
    The best I can say is, “Wish I had been there.”

    • Arlene says:

      I looked at your blog a second time and enjoyed it over again. Your pictures are beautiful ut I really like the family ones also. No pictures of Billy? I know he was there because I saw the golf clubs in the pictures of the room! What did Bailey find to eat? Or did she have pizza like Lauren? The food and the scenery and the activities all looked great!

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