Isn’t Nice… Nice?!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Monaco! We watched the Monaco F1 qualifiers yesterday and it is so fun to see where you were just standing or sitting the week before! Looks like another day of gorgeous weather there!

While in the South of France, we stayed in Nice. It is just so beautiful!

After a wonderful breakfast in the hotel, we set off walking! The water was just so clear and blue!


We had been looking up one of the large hills and could always see a waterfall with viewing area. It was calling our names and we all set out for it! Can you see it in this picture amongst the trees?


I’m so glad we made the journey as the view was incredible! They had a playground for Lauren, and well that is all she ever asks for in life… Besides a chocolate cookie, chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream! Yikes… I think she might like chocolate more than me!


The Mediterranean Sea looked even more blue and clear from up there!


It was fun to look down on the town of Nice to see where we had walked, had dinner and in general enjoyed just being in a fabulous location!


Here is a picture of the waterfall. It was just really pretty and I’m glad we ventured up there!


You could even see the airport, which made me a bit sad thinking about our adventure ending in just a few hours!


But, we still had a bit more time to stop and smell the roses in a lovely rose garden…


… And, Lauren to ride the carousel a few more times!


Here is a picture of me and the girls waiting for our ride to the airport!


Back for reality! After this long week, it feels like years ago! But, I look at the pictures and have watched the F1 qualifiers in Monaco to realise that it really was just a week ago that I was going up to the beautiful waterfall!

Do trips ever seem like that for you? Maybe, I need to just practice more of ‘living in the present!’

Have a great Sunday!


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1 Response to Isn’t Nice… Nice?!

  1. Arlene says:

    Nice is nice! Glad your “rainbow” ended at the waterfall. Looked like a fun excursion with rewards! I bet I know someone who would like to follow the sound of the music to the carousel! Cute on that hobby horse! After we returned from London, in about a week it felt like it had been a month since we were there. We missed it!

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