A Day Trip to Switzerland

When I wasn’t doing this…


…or eating, we went to Switzerland for the day. The ferry left right from Evian and this was the view as we left.




We arrived into Lausanne and the town was very quaint. Carrie and I had a great time walking and touring.



The day was gorgeous, warm and sunny! I’m not sure you could really ask for anything more! 🙂

We wanted to make sure that we were on the 3:30 ferry, so we headed down to the ferry terminal area and decided to have a snack.

Carrie and I found a perfect spot to wait. In fact, I’m not sure we would have cared too much if we missed the ferry.




And this was our view of Lake Geneva…


We got back to the Royal Evian hotel and then went to the pool… Rough life! 🙂

Before dinner, we had a few pre-dinner drinks and snacks… So yummy!



With all of that food, I still managed to eat three courses for dinner! I had the same starter and dessert as the previous night, but this was my main meal and it was so good – chicken, potatoes and mushrooms!


This was the dessert someone at our table got and it looked so yummy! Everything was chocolate and edible!


All of this talk of food has got me starving! We are going to a friend’s house for dinner so I will write much more about our trip later!

I’m sure you are getting the hint that all I did was eat on this trip!!! At one point, I thought I probably should have had a different starter or dessert… But, I kept to what I know that I like! 🙂 Do you ever go someplace and get the same thing each time?


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3 Responses to A Day Trip to Switzerland

  1. Rachel says:

    Gee, I’d like to travel with you! You find the best places to eat and such great places to visit! Yes, I do find that I tend to eat the same things that I know I like. I think I should change but then it might be disappointing, so I usually don’t. The chicken, potatoes, and mushrooms looks so good!

  2. How is it that you were in the mountains and I was at the beach but YOU had the better weather?!?!? Life isn’t fair 🙂 Looks awesome!

  3. The Lu Life says:

    Where is the best spa in Evian? And where were you in the first picture? I’m planning on going in the beginning of June and would love some suggestions!

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