Someone Had A Birthday!

Yes, someone had their 15th birthday at our house! It was quite a busy day for her so the celebrations actually covered a few days – we call them birthday months in our house!

On her actual birthday, we bought 24 cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery for her to take to school and share with friends/teachers. If you haven’t tried their cupcakes, I HIGHLY recommend them. And… I just might have a massive amount of experience taste testing cupcakes!


The next day, my parents arrived back in London and we were thrilled to see them! 🙂 They went with Billy to pick Lauren up from school and she was elated to see them.

In fact, she is “Star of the Week” in school this week. As part of her honour, she gets to be line leader, take out the compost after snack time and feed the goldfish! Here is Lauren’s picture with the star badge.


We had a lovely 15th birthday celebration for Bailey at her favourite restaurant Inamo. You order and do literally everything with a touchscreen/interactive table!


Billy, my mom and Lauren were checking out the menu…


We started with appetizers of edamamae and pork ribs – so yummy!


Here is my father checking out the menu.


He and Billy ordered the same thing, except my father had fish and Billy had beef. They bring a hot plate to your table and Cook everything right there in front of you. It lets off a lovely aroma and it is really delicious.



My mother and I had the same thing – a lovely piece of salmon!


We are in the Star Alliance airport lounge right now and preparing for our flight to Geneva. Thank you mom and dad… We don’t quite know what to do with ourselves with all of this quiet time! 😉 I just finished my breakfast here in the lounge – my favourite… Bacon, poached eggs and toast!


We are off to the land of Evian, France. When you see a bottle of Evian water this weekend, think of us! 🙂 I’m sure many more pictures will follow soon!

Have a lovely weekend!


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2 Responses to Someone Had A Birthday!

  1. Jim says:

    Congratulations to Lauren!!! 🙂 She is a ‘take charge’ person like you, Karen.
    Happy Birthday to Bailey. “) You have taught her well on how to celebrate BDays!
    I loved the Inamo’s Restaurant. I could come back again and again and try everything on their menu. It all sounds so good and what I had on my plate and what I ‘sampled’ from you guys was really good!
    Last of all, that breakfast sounded a bit better than the cereal with bananas I had this morning. A BIG BIT better! I didn’t know they served food in the lounge. I don’t know if Mom brought our tickets or not. 😥
    Jim @

  2. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday to Bailey! I like the idea of stretching out birthdays! Congratulations to Lauren for being chosen Star of the Week. What a high tech restaurant Inamo is! Enjoy your trip!!

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