A Sunday Ritual And Birthday Wishes!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

It is Sunday, which means the weekly ritual takes over around 5pm. We went to M&S today for our usual groceries – don’t laugh, but we went to Waitrose, Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury’s. There are certain things that we buy at each of those places. But, you better be there by 4:30 as most groceries close at 5pm here!

This evening, I did my usual activity of weighing each of the boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Yes, I weigh each one of the packages and use a Sharpie to write how many grams each weighs!


This determines which ones I eat versus the others – I always get those that weigh the least. This is my favourite and very quick way of cooking chicken as of late!


I put a small splash (only for flavour) of the teriyaki sauce on the chicken. Tonight, I was the only one that ate mine with the splash of sauce…


Billy and Bailey each made their chicken into a plate of nachos! This was Billy’s plate and they were SO yummy!!!


I’d like to send birthday wishes out to Bella! I hope she has had a wonderful and fabulous birthday! 🙂

Next Sunday, I don’t think my routine will be followed as I will be coming back from Evian, France! I am very excited and heard they give you bottles to just fill up!


Some might think weighing the chicken is a little OCD (did I mention that I am an accountant?!), but I call it my Sunday ritual! Do you have a Sunday habit? I hope everyone has a very happy Monday and week!


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