Bon Voyage!

I wish it was me off on holiday; however, it is my jet setting parents that are off!

We have had such a fun weekend! Our dear friends came over on Friday night and it was great to catch up with them. Her parents are in town (and so are were mine!) from the Calgary area. They are so very nice! I’m sure after hearing my childhood stories about cooking, they were very glad to hear we had ordered in for dinner! My mother made a fabulous chocolate soufflé with a vanilla sauce to poor in… Recipe was from the Disney Cruise and tasted just like this!


We woke up bright and early to get my parents on their Saturday train out of Waterloo. They were catching a cruise from Southampton. I was starting to get a bit worried if they had made it or not yesterday afternoon when they called! Yes, even us kids like to know where our parents are! 🙂

Since I’m not lucky enough to be sailing out in beautiful blue waters, I thought I’d share a recent experience with you!

A couple of weeks ago at work, I heard some people talking about the ‘Christina O.’ I have always heard stories about this ship and seen pictures of Aristotle and Jackie Kennedy Onassis with the ship in the background. They said it was docked a couple of blocks from my office. During lunch one day, I went and found it! Take a look…


This ship is massive, beautiful and I wanted to see the inside! I went back to work and ‘Googled’ the boat to see of you could visit the inside. The answer… Yes and tickets were £15! I bought my ticket to go at lunch one day the next week.

It was absolutely beautiful on the inside and incredibly elegant. They didn’t allow pictures to be taken inside. 😦 The entire time I walked through the boat, I couldn’t help thinking… If these walls could talk! Pictures were up everywhere of the many famous guests that had cruised at one time. Just so beautiful!

They did allow pictures outside and my camera was ready!


Yes, thank you! I would love to have a cocktail while watching the sun set into the Mediterranean! Actually, please just bring it to me over in those chairs while I relax and visit with my friends.


Actually, I’d be plenty happy just riding the boat for tendering!


Back to reality! My lunch break was over…


It was absolutely beautiful and I’m so very glad that I saw her on the inside. There was a Travel Channel documentary several years ago that showed the Christina O. You can rent her out for €50,000 a day…. So, if you have this kind of money laying around… PLEASE think of me! I’d love to join you for a day out in the Mediterranean. Don’t worry, I will even pay my own airfare to get there!

I hope you all are having a great weekend! If you are renting the Christina O and need an extra fun person to join you… You know where to find me! 🙂


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