Eclectic Meals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was absolutely beautiful and everywhere we turned saw wonderful bridges, bikes and gorgeous bell towers. There were many times that I almost had a bike run me over… I don’t even want to count how many as it almost became a joke between us. Yes, I’ve grown accustomed to looking at things from the UK ‘wrong’ side of the road.

While there, we covered the globe in terms of our meals… Along with many visits to McDonalds. After all, we do have a 2 year-old!

One of my favourite meals was The Pancake Bakery. This was what many call a ‘traditional’ Dutch meal. We arrived at 11:15 on Saturday morning thinking we would have brunch, but it didn’t open until noon.

So, we found a wonderful outdoor market two blocks down that had beautiful stands of fresh bread (yes, they had bread ovens there!), seafood, produce and sweets. I went to purchase 2 bananas for Lauren and the lady gave them to me for free! That was very nice and Lauren was thrilled. She loves bananas, but probably behind her new found love of chocolate milk and cake. I think I hear the words ‘chocolate milk or chocolate cake’ in my sleep!

It was around 11:45 and I told Billy that we needed to get going back to the restaurant before a line formed. He laughed at me and said there is no way a line would be there. I’m glad he listened! We got there just in time to grab one of the last seats. The wait quickly became an hour!

Billy had a cheese and chicken pancake – it was okay.


I had a cheese and ham omelette. For some reason, I’d been craving an omelette forever and this one was great.


We then saved the BEST for last! Take a look at Lauren’s Princess pancake. She just wanted to play with the toy – tiara and wand. So, Billy and I were happy to eat her meal. We put caramel and maple syrup on it… I didn’t venture out for the ‘Real’ cane syrup – way too thick for me!



For dinner on Saturday night, we found a Greek restaurant while walking and it was incredible! Take a look at this meal!!


Yes, I once again ordered a whole sea bass… Once again, I had to ask the chef to come help me cut the fish to eat! Oh, it was so worth it! 🙂 It took me back to sitting at the restaurant in Crete, Greece, where we looked out over the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is by far one of my favourite places ever visited!

While walking, we kept seeing this Tex-Mex restaurant. Everything in us wanted to run, not walk, to the Tex-Mex restaurant… While everything else said… Run away and how could a Tex-Mex restaurant be good in Amsterdam?! Well, it was incredible! It is called ‘La Margarita’ and the food was incredibly authentic!


We had a starter of nachos! They were so good and didn’t last a second. We engulfed them.


Billy had a combination burrito and I had enchiladas. Oh my goodness, this food was fantastic! If you are in Amsterdam, you must try it!!!!! Everyone that worked there liked Lauren and she knew had to work her charm! They thought she was wonderful.


As you can tell, we ate incredibly well in Amsterdam… Maybe a little too well when you include the madelienes and endless gourmet Neuhaus chocolate shaped eggs at the Sofitel! 🙂 Have you ever had an experience where everything told you to run away from a restaurant, yet you tried it and were glad you did?

My parents arrived today!!! I’m so glad to see them and spend the evening catching up!


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2 Responses to Eclectic Meals in Amsterdam

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh wow, the food looks great and they are certainly generous with the helpings! That Mexican food looks way better than what they serve at Mexican Restaurants here. Jim is always saying that they eat well and I see you have continued the tradition!! Say Hi to your folks for me!!

  2. Jim says:

    Karen, Rachel is right, you do eat like Jim’s Bunch does. 🙂 I’m ready to have some fish and chips. My favorite place, Brasserie Gérard, here on High Street (St. Johns Wood) has closed since last year. Karen had some really good ‘sticky toffee pudding’ for us. That is Mrs. Jim’s favorite British food.

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