Easter Fun Continues!

I hope everyone had a brilliant Easter! We had a lovely brunch and talked about some of our favourite Easter memories during our meal. I’d like to share a couple with you:

– At our church in Houston, the sermon was centered around ‘He is Risen… He is Risen, indeed!’ Such wonderful words filled with promise!
– Bailey was baptised 2 years ago on Easter Sunday!

The food was absolutely incredible at our brunch and it was set up so beautifully – of course, I ate too much! Here are some of the pictures… Yes, I went back many times. Had to get my money worth, but a free glass of Moët Chandon never hurts for that value! 🙂




I absolutely loved these Madeleines! They had them all over the hotel (it was the Sofitel, after all) and at brunch they gave me Nutella to put on them… So yummy!! For my birthday, I’d like the aluminium pan from Williams-Sonoma to make them on my own! Oh yes, I’d also like some yogurt bowls like what they had. Yes, everything I think and talk about does revolve around food! 🙂

Afterwards, we took a much needed walk and then toured the Heineken Brewery. It was really interesting. However, I think we were the only two that had Diet Pepsi and Pepsi instead of our two free beers each!

This was the view on our walk back to the next adventure!


We saw the seven bridges in a row… Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture on the boat tour as I was on the opposite side.


Then, we found an underground park called Tun Fun. It was a ‘ton of fun’… €8, but I know one little girl that would have asked us to pay 10x that for the fun! She was incredibly brave and loved the tall slide that went in to the ball pit.




There is lots more to tell! The next post might be all about food and the scenery of Amsterdam.

The weather was incredible and it didn’t rain until today when we were leaving for the airport… So thankful as that is NOT what the weather forecast said the weather would be in Amsterdam this weekend!


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3 Responses to Easter Fun Continues!

  1. Arlene says:

    After all, it was a Sofitel!! Good going there-madelines and all. The canals and bridges are beautiful. Y’all had such a scenic trip. I’m glad Lauren had a “ton of fun” and it was worth the money. It sounds like she is really getting brave with all the things she is adventuresome about doing! Thanks for all your posts and the pictures.

  2. Jim says:

    It would be nice for me if your weather wasn’t like it is forecasted too! That slide for Lauren looks pretty long for a two-year-old. Trampolines too! 🙂

    I sure was thinking about borrowing your ‘seven bridges’ photo for my ‘Thursday Things in a Row’ post. I guess your boat went under them. Amsterdam is a pretty town all except for it being really flat, like Houston.

  3. Rachel says:

    You lucky lady to get to travel so much! Yummy food and great adventures and fun for all, and a risen Saviour! What more could one want!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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