Getting Ready for Easter and Gorgeous Views!

I will first start with this gorgeous view… The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous in London. It’s too bad that I’m indoors all the time and not outside!

Last week in my class, I took the long way to meet my trainer and captured this gorgeous picture!


Good Friday and Easter Sunday are quickly approaching. Lauren’s school ended today for a 3-week term break. Each child made an Easter candy ‘basket.’ No surprise, Lauren was only focused on the chocolate and marshmallow bunnies. She loves her food! It actually was really sweet and they made a precious Easter card!


Here she is checking it out before digging in! Although, she was very tired from her play dates every day since Saturday… And, two a day every day this week (before and after school)! We definitely have a social butterfly!




I hope you are having a great week! We are half way through the week!! 🙂 Do you ever miss having play dates? I actually think that I still have play dates, they are just called meeting up with friends for food, drinks or a run!


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1 Response to Getting Ready for Easter and Gorgeous Views!

  1. Jules says:

    Hi Karen! It’s been a while.. Just wondered how the Paris mara training is going. 2 weeks now… 🙂

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