Is Spring Really Here?

All of the signs point to the fact Spring might be in London!

This is what I saw on my way to the tube this morning.


Although the temperature is still a bit chilly, the sky is a gorgeous blue and the flower colours are popping out!



Lauren had a fabulous time this weekend running through the green spots to enjoy the flower colours.




In London’s Regent’s Park, it won’t be long now before the tulips are just about to be everywhere. Of course, that also means our trip to Amsterdam to see the tulip fields is just around the corner! In the UK, we get Good Friday and Eater Monday as a Bank Holiday… Which also translates to a lovely trip to Amsterdam without having to take vacation days!

Well, my course break is just about over! We just finished our personality profiles. There weren’t any surprises and pretty much echoed the other tests I’ve taken in the past (at least I’m consistent!).

Enjoy your day!


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2 Responses to Is Spring Really Here?

  1. Ooo, I meant to ask if you were going to the Netherlands. Its so pretty at Easter. You’ll LOVE it.

  2. Rachel says:

    The flowers and trees look like that here except shorts and flip flops are fine! Certainly no need for a coat in these 80 degree temps!

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