My Little Sponge!

I think that is my new name for Lauren! If you say it or do it, rest assured she will copy and repeat you. Hence, my little sponge. Courtesy of her grandmother, she says “Oh, gosh” to everything!

Lauren has been in school now for several weeks. Each day, we ask her if she had a nice day, did she play, were the kids nice… The answer is always, “I did!” Of course, we can ask her if she jumped off a bridge and we get the same answer!

Earlier this week, she told me to “sit down, sit down” while pointing to the ground. I sat down and she quickly got a book to read to me. Normally, she sits in my lap to read… Not tonight!


This must be the way her teacher reads to her. When I said something to Billy, she quickly put her finger to her mouth and said, “shhhhh.” Like I said, my little sponge!

Today was Lauren’s very first play date. She had a great time and was so happy for the little boy to come over. His parents also came and we had a really nice visit! We had espresso from our Nespresso machine, bananas, strawberries, green grapes, bell peppers with hummus and they brought mini cupcakes! The kids were VERY silly together and giggled non-stop. I know one little girl that will sleep well tonight.

Yesterday, we went to John Lewis to get a few more toys – car set and Legos. Doesn’t this look like fun?!



This was actually quite easy to assemble. Trust me, I know as I’m the one that put it together! Just as a certain man in our house (we only have one!) started putting it together, he received a call from his buddy to go to the driving range… I guess you can tell what won! We all know that you can’t tease a kid with a new toy and then not finish putting it together.

Can you believe he even went to the range in these conditions?! šŸ™‚


I’m going to try and fit a run in tomorrow – all bundled up! I still have more Pilates classes, but will definitely run before visiting the Physiotherapist this week… I miss it! šŸ™‚

Did you notice Lauren’s new set of wheels in the picture? That’s right, she has a pink scooter now! We’ve only tested it indoors on the carpet, but she learned at nursery school how to ride it… I sure hope she rides it most places now as she is one heavy little girl!


I guess you can tell this was a nice and quiet weekend! I didn’t eat any more sticky toffee pudding. Rachel, you should give it a try sometime. I have seen them in the States before… It is a gooey cake with a caramel sauce over the top! Very yummy!

Did anyone have a scooter growing up? I had a skateboard, but don’t think a scooter.

I sure hope everyone in the States is surviving the snow and cold weather!


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3 Responses to My Little Sponge!

  1. Jennifer says:

    My boys had scooters! They loved them but that is also how I broke my arm. Don’t let her do bunny hops down the driveway!

  2. Jim says:

    That scooter is a wonderful toy for Lauren. I am wondering how long she will be satisfied riding her scooter in the flat. When she sees a friend of hers riding to school you will have a lot of talking to do. Please remember to teach her traffic safety.

  3. Arlene says:

    Don’t you think Lauren’s “lesson” in skipping will help with the scooter! Maybe she can learn “bunny hops” on her next trip to Texas! That grin on her face looks like she is ready for anything! I think I might worry more about the guy who practices golf in the snow! Maybe that is called dedication!

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