A Little Bit Of This And That…

Oh Rachel, I’d trade you any day Doritos for Cheetos!!! We can’t get them over here and it is always #1 on our wish lost for visitors to London. We love care packages with Cheetos!


I was able to secure an appointment with the running physio tomorrow I’m very excited and I really hope that we can determine what is wrong with my hip and get me back out there running… At this point, I will even settle for walking without pain!

After my heartbreak on Saturday’s run, we went to a friend’s house on Saturday night and had Malaysian food. It was SO good. Everyone in my family keeps talking about it and tries to determine when we can go back! They had lamb bread, which was really a lamb patty wrapped in a crepe! My teenager says that might be the best thing she has ever had yet… I’m telling you, my family’s taste buds have GREATLY changed since moving to London – I’m not sure I even know who these people are sometimes!


Many of you know that I am a member of The Junior League of London. On Sunday, I signed up with another lady to volunteer at the Manna Society from 9-12. Their centre provides food, showers, clothes and doctor/nurse care for homeless people in London. We had ~175 people and they provided 3 meals for them during my 3 hour shift (sandwich upon arrival, porridge around 10 and a warm lunch at 11:30am).

Our job for the 3 hours was to wash dishes… Yes, we washed dishes for the entire 3 hours! They use proper cutlery, coffee/tea mugs and plates. As you can imagine, we had to be very fast with the washing to serve ~175 people! Mike, I guess this is when you would have got hurt! 🙂

Here is what I looked like before leaving the flat.


After my volunteer shift, I went to the grocery store and ran other weekly errands. Then, I came home and had butter popcorn!


What I’m about to say might shock a lot of you, but I also cooked dinner! We had chicken and bresaola packages. It was very easy! Chicken breasts with Dijon mustard lightly spread on the top with bresaola wrapped around the chicken. On the top, I sprinkled Herbs de Provence and wrapped everything up in foil with a drop of water before popping them in the oven! They were SO good, even my teenager liked them!


One thing,I did forget to mention is the Manna Society’s cat! His name was Patches because he had a big white patch on his chest. The centre has 1 large food drive a year and they keep this in a basement store room. All of this food has to last for a year… So, mice can’t be around! Meet Patches! They haven’t had a rodent problem at all since Patches has been around.

This is my pretty cat Amber! She is the absolute sweetest thing and lives with my parents since we are overseas. My father sent this picture over the weekend!


I hope everyone has had a great Monday! I will keep you posted on my physio appointment tomorrow!


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2 Responses to A Little Bit Of This And That…

  1. Kelly says:

    good luck at the appointment! Hope they can pinpoint the problem and start fixing it – fingers crossed for you 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Hope you find some answers at the appointment tomorrow.
    Three hours of washing dishes, but all for a great cause!
    Amber is so pretty. I’m sure Jim is spoiling her properly!
    Oh, I ate some more Cheetos tonight. Gee, to bad you can’t get them there. That’s weird that they have Doritos but not Cheetos!
    Okay, I had never heard of bresaola and had to Google it. Sounds like it would be quite tasty the way you prepared it! I was a wee bit shocked that you cooked!! Haha!

    Have a great Tuesday!

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