Never Leave Home Without…

Today’s million dollar answer…


You got it… My tube/bus pass!

Let’s recap how the day started. I woke up on my own, which is the best feeling to just wake-up without an alarm!

I had toast with peanut butter, filled up my water bottle, prepared my GU blocks and got dressed!


I then headed out for my run. I was feeling good and took it very slow on the first mile for my warm-up. There was a slight pain in my left knee where I’ve been having problems. But nothing unbearable. Then… It happened… My right hip muscle (?) area had a pop sound.


I hobbled for a bit and then thought I could run again… Quickly realizing this was not going to work.

Here is the way it looked…



I forgot to turn off my watch as obviously there were a million things going through my mind… Is the bus one block to my right, oh my gosh… How am I going to run this marathon with only 11 weeks to go and my training long runs? My parents are coming from the US all the way over and to Paris to watch me run… I can’t disappoint them.. You see all of these thoughts?

I got on the bus and went back home. When I walked through the door and before he saw me, my husband’s first words were… What did you hurt? I tried calling a physio on Abbey Road that helps Team Great Britain and Team England to make an appt. but, no one answered… It is Saturday, after all… Not sure what I was thinking.

So, I have been sulking, stressed, and panic feelings this morning/early afternoon. Billy got me ice and Advil and I drowned my sorrow in chocolate and an ENTIRE large bag of Doritos. Yes… Instead of burning the 1,200 calories today I pretty much ate 1,500 in one quick couch second while watching quality tv… Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


A positive is that I get to spend more time with Lauren this morning. We had a great time playing.



Has anyone got hurt 11 weeks before a marathon? Do you have any advice, cross-training, etc? Besides not recommending a bag of Doritos!

I’d love to hear it!


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3 Responses to Never Leave Home Without…

  1. mike says:

    I usually get hurt right before the dishes need washing!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Gosh Karen, I’m sorry! I know you love running but I don’t think you would disappoint anyone by not being able to run in Paris (but I sure hope you get to!!), since they only care about your health and your happiness. Hope you find some answers and all mends quickly and you can get back on the run again!!!

    “Have a great Sunday and try to stay away from Doritos,” she says as she is eating Crunchy Cheetos! 🙂

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