Let The Geek Take Over!

I know this will come as a huge no surprise… But, I am a very big geek! Correction, I am a HUGE geek!

My marathon training is going as you would expect – some runs are extremely great and other runs… I start to question making it through 26.2 miles!

Last week, I got a new running watch – the Garmin 610. This is my 3rd generation Garmin watch with the first one practically taking up my entire forearm! The 610 is much sleeker and not near as big – a very welcome surprise.

I had been reading the reviews online to make sure this was exactly what I wanted – with each review, I wanted it that much more! 🙂


The watch was properly initiated with my long run this weekend of 10 miles. I changed the watch display to show my heart rate, elapsed time, avg current mile pace and distance. This was amazing and interesting to see my heart rate over the run, which pretty much stayed around 167 bpm. I took a VO2 test once and it said my max heart rate for training is 183, which I hit on the hills.

Speaking of hills, take a look at the graph functionality on my watch! One of these days, I will post the entire analysis produced on each run – very amazing!


This really wasn’t a ‘hilly’ route and I can tell you exactly where the elevation rises on this 10 mile run. Oh how I wish that I had this watch for the run at my parent’s house over Christmas! I’d love to see that graphed!

Speaking of routes, check out my route.


It was a beautiful day for a run through the London parks! This next weekend’s run will add in Regent’s Park! Are you wondering why I end in Green Park versus running back home? There is something psychological about knowing that I can take the tube home versus having to run back home! 🙂

I guess you can tell that I am quite the geek… Some things never change!


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1 Response to Let The Geek Take Over!

  1. Jim says:

    Ah, it runs in your family, Karen. 🙂 Even Lauren has her I-pad and knows how to find her stuff on it.

    That heart rate monitor function is great! When I was running in my old age it would stop at 165 which was a little high for my age. Really, I didn’t stop, just slowed my pace so it would hover around 150 to 155. Tim worried about it going that high.

    Your route is sooooo pretty with all the parks. Yes, by all means, cool down on the tube coming home. I think Regents Park would be the best with the various paths. I would like to run along the canal too (it will be walking now I am afraid).

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