A Fun Park Weekend

As mentioned a couple of blog entries ago, this last weekend was a great time! You already got to see my long run (through the parks) and all of the fun I’ve had with my new watch.

However, there was much more to the weekend! Lots of good family time. 🙂

Dinner on Friday was very spontaneous with some friends at Pizza Express, and we all know how much I love their American Hot pizza – pepperoni with jalapenos!

When we got home from dinner, Bailey took off to spend the night at a friend’s house leaving a very quiet house – especially since Lauren pretty much fell asleep going home from dinner.

Saturday was a very bright, but chilly day. That didn’t stop Lauren and me! We bundled up and headed to Kensington Gardens to enjoy the Princess Diana Playground. This was my first time to take Lauren (her daddy takes her a lot) and I’m not sure who had more fun – her or me!

At the park, there were lots of other little kids and Lauren loved playing in the sand. Several other families had brought proper sand kits… not us, but they were very kind and shared with Lauren. She loves playing with other kids.

Check out our pictures of the park fun and Treasure Chest!





This contraption plays music when you step on it – we had quite the melody going!


In the afternoon (and after golf!), Billy came and met us at the park. We all had a great time playing and then watching the ducks in the pond! Don’t worry, we obeyed the sign and no one fell in!



Everyone was hungry and so we took off to Pizza Hut! Lauren loves ‘pissa’ as she calls it! 🙂 Very interesting – she ate it with her hands for the first time and REFUSED to eat the piece I had cut up for her. She is definitely starting to exert a bit of independence and I can only imagine will become more apparent as she continues with school!


Speaking of school, she is progressing quite well and really seems to enjoy it! Her teacher did comment that she’d rather play with the boys – hmm, wonder if that made her daddy nervous! 🙂 She has also started to get her stuffed animals together in a circle on the floor and tells them to ‘Sit Down, Sit Down, Sit Down’ over and over while pointing her finger. Billy asked the teacher about this and apparently they do ask the kids to sit down on the carpet during story time – Do you think my Angel is who they keep asking to sit down?!

Given what I’ve said about Lauren, it shows that children are definitely sponges – at home and school! Do you have a funny story about kids being a sponge?

I hope everyone is having a great week – Friday is within reach! 🙂


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4 Responses to A Fun Park Weekend

  1. Arlene says:

    Such a neat day all of you must have had. With all that activity, I’m sure Lauren was ready for her “pissa” without help from anyone.

  2. Jim says:

    I don’t know if I can wait until Spring to see her! She is getting to be such a ‘big girl’ soooooo fast. I snitched a couple of your pictures and mentioned your blog this morning on my post about keeping things straight. I hope you don’t mind.

  3. Arlene says:

    I had to look at those sweet pictures one more time before I went to bed. Soooooooooo sweet!

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