Happy New Year – Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous start to 2012! I’d like to quickly say – happy birthday mom! I hope you are getting spoiled today. 🙂

Let me (maybe not so) quickly recap how I spent the last day of 2011 and fist day of 2012.

Saturday morning started with a quick walk for breakfast at Raoul’s. I thought there was no way I’d get a table since it was Saturday and 9:30, but I was in luck since most of London appears to be out of town! Yummy poached eggs – my husband’s are still better!


I came home and changed into my ‘I ❤ Sweat' shirt. Several months ago, I started reading a blog by a New York runner, Ali, and she wrote about her training for the Hamptons Marathon. She has Chrohn's Disease and was raising money for charity. Her shirts helped donate over $20,000 to the Chrohn's Foundation.


I had ordered two of the shirts, but she wasn’t delivering internationally. No problem, I had them delivered to my parent’s house and picked them up while visiting Texas!

Off to Pilates! Although, this probably wasn’t the best thing to wear for my first day back on the reformer… My teacher asked if it was true and I meekly said ‘yes.’ He told me that he’d make sure we all sweated a lot… Boy was he right, I sweated out 3 weeks of pure gluttony! After class, he asked if it worked and I assured him he did not fail on his promise! Haha… Although, today it hurts to even laugh!

I then headed over to have my usual 260 calorie sushi meal before walking the 2 miles home. I watched ‘Midnight in Paris‘ and completely lost track of time as I was also washing 4 loads of laundry! I highly recommend this movie. My father left a comment about this movie on my last post. This is one of those cute, happy, feel good movies. I watched it with my parents and didn’t even blush – if that tells you something. It is definitely an ‘artsy’ movie. I must be honest that I’m not a Woody Allen fan, but this doesn’t seem like one of his movies.

Around 8pm, I realized that I’d not had dinner… Once again, steamed some chicken with 1/2 tbsp of Light French dressing! I very well might be turning into a chicken soon.


Then, off to bed at 10:45! Great end to 2011!!!!

Happy New Year and welcome 2012! But, I woke up and couldn’t move… My body hurt all over… Calves, stomach, sides, thighs, rear, arms – pretty much everything! Thank you reformer Pilates and that shirt for giving my trainer a ‘challenge!’

But, I got up and made a piece of toast with peanut butter, reviewed my route, filled up my water bottle and headed out for a 9 mile run!

I saw all kinds of things on my run… A lot of people just getting back from the night, some still partying, a super yacht, several other runners and bands/floats preparing for the New Year’s Day parade! Doesn’t this look sweet? I could only imagine it life size. Although, it does look like many we saw in Capri and the French Riviera this summer!


The 9 miles were logged at a very slow pace and I’m quite sure the aforementioned 3 weeks of gluttony sure didn’t help one bit! But, I get another shot next week as 10 miles is on the schedule next Saturday! I will definitely attend hot yoga tomorrow as I’m VERY sore when you combine the Pilates and morning run together!

I arrived home and had my recovery breakfast! A piece of wheat toast, bit of Dijon mustard and steamed chicken! This is actually really good and my breakfast most mornings now (good protein/carb mix – I think?) to help my muscles recover.


Since there is only 1 more chicken breast left from my pack of 7, I headed down to M&S to purchase more… But, they were closed. So, I wondered into Selfridge’s to look at their massive sale. If you want a designer swimsuit, now is the time! They have most everything marked down 70%. I tried on an Emilio Pucci swimsuit… The only thing Pucci was my ‘poochy’ stomach hanging over the top!! Haha, I crack myself up – But I’m not kidding, wasn’t a pretty sight 😦

I headed home, popped some butter microwave popcorn, put on my slippers and have been sitting on the couch watching tv! Ah, life is good! Would be even better if my family was here to enjoy it with me… Then again, I probably wouldn’t be watching ‘my’ tv shows if that was the case!


It is almost dinner time, so I will probably head down to Pizza Express for a yummy pepperoni and jalapeño pizza! You guessed it, I’ll worry about that ‘poochy’ tomorrow!


I just heard from Billy and it sounds like his trail 5k Resolution Run with his sister this morning
went really well!

Happy New Year and I wish you all a very wonderful and blessed 2012! How did you end 2011 and ring in 2012?


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2 Responses to Happy New Year – Welcome 2012!

  1. Rachel says:

    Well, I was perched in bed working on my Sunday School lesson when I heard all the booms and bangs and glanced at the clock to see it was midnight. I got to bed around 1 p.m.. so basically a typical night like any other here….pretty much anyway.

    Your houseshoes look so warm and comfy! They probably feel great after running all those miles!

    I like the shirt. Very cute and that is a really pretty blue! Happy New Year Karen!

  2. I have the short sleeved sweat shirt and I love it…the fabric is so cozy! Too bad it’s almost 0 degrees here so I have a feeling I’ll be in long sleeves for a looonnngg time.

    Great way to start off the New Year!

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