Roll Me On The Plane Today!

I’m heading back to London today. However, I will need to be rolled on that plane today! My stomach is SO full from all the food lately and yesterday at my in-laws did not help one bit!

I started off with a “light” breakfast of biscuits and bacon – lots of butter biscuits and bacon!


After breakfast, Lauren played with her new coloring tablet while watching a video… She has already learned the art of multi-tasking.


We waited for a bit (e.g. the time it takes to visit the local Wal-Mart) before heading over to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to have some great Cajun food. Nothing like going back to my roots for some great food!

We went to Steamboat Bill’s and had some incredible food!


I started off with a shrimp pistolette before having 5 butterflied shrimp – take a look at the color of this gumbo! Oh my, this food was SO incredible. It is too bad we don’t have this type of food in London! I even brought a crawfish and shrimp pistolette back for my parent’s.


They had an alligator inside the restaurant. Look how long this alligator is!


I can’t believe this little girl slept all through the meal – doesn’t she know that this the food of her roots! We played pass the baby all during our meal.


We said our good-bye to my in-laws and then headed back to my parent’s house, but stopped off at Bridge City for a Route 44 Diet Coke. Probably not the best idea when I faced a 2 hour and 15 minute drive with Lauren asleep in the back seat! We were in two cars as Billy will head back to his parent’s after dropping me off at the airport.

When we made it to my parent’s house, I helped them eat their pistolettes and then we attacked these stuffed artichokes from Bailey’s Christmas celebration. Oh, it was so good… I MUST learn how to make those!


I’m flying back to London today and can guarantee I will NOT have food like this for a long while! My First Class upgrade came through and I’m very excited – especially since i will head straight into the office upon landing!

Hopefully, I can use my Bailey’s new nail polish we got her for Christmas before heading out!


Are you as full as me? Had anyone had to roll you someplace? I’m not complaining one bit as I know it will take about a week before my jeans aren’t quite as tight! And let me tell you – it was 100% worth it with all of this great food in the last ~2 weeks!

Tomorrow, I will be writing from London!


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1 Response to Roll Me On The Plane Today!

  1. Jim says:

    I imagine it is hard to find good Cajun food in London. But fish and chips and mushy peas followed by sticky taffey pudding pretty well takes its place just fine for me. 🙂

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