How To Sum Up Yesterday – Eating and Relaxing!

This is a very different holiday for me… I don’t have the kids to run after or entertain. Although, I’ve probably called on average 7 times a day!

The jet lag is still haunting me and have been waking up by 6am each morning (even after going to bed at 12 or 1am). Which is where I’ve had time to catch up on great television programs – you know, Millionaire Matchmaker. It is a different type of program compared to Mickey, Oso, etc.

After waking up at 6am yesterday, I watched ‘quality’ programming for several hours and then had my usual poached eggs before heading downstairs to the spa. I got a facial and then relaxed by the indoor jacuzzi. As I was sitting there reading magazines, my eyes got super heavy. I lounged the chair back and fell asleep for 2 hours! Yes, you read that right… I took a 2 hour nap and heard nothing around me!

Since it was 3:30 and I had done NOTHING all day, I got up and went back to the room and got ready to walk around the strip. I was surprised to see Billy who had already golfed 36 holes that day (which made me feel like an even larger slacker). We walked down to The Palazzo and then made our way back through The Bellagio to see the indoor holiday decorations. That is my all time favorite! The pictures on my phone didn’t come out well, but I will eventually put some from my camera. Here is a picture of Billy and me in the gardens.


When we came back to the hotel, we found where our Sky Suites area had free food for breakfast, afternoon tea/snacks and Happy Hour! I was all over that – cheese and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries, Fiji water and Pinot Grigio! I naturally indulged in several plates! 🙂


We then got ready for dinner at Mix and it was incredible – definitely interesting people watching! Funny story… They called Billy’s cell phone the day before, which I had it while Billy was golfing. Here is how the conversation went – keep in mind that I didn’t know this was the restaurant confirming our reservation.

Me: Hello
Mix: May I speak with Billy?
Me: He isn’t here right now, but this is his wife. Can I help you?
Mix: Ummmm…. This is Las Vegas calling
Me: Okay… Can I help you with something?
Mix: (After hesitation)… He, ahhhh, has a reservation with us… For dinner tomorrow…
Me: oh yes, Mix tomorrow night at 9pm for our anniversary
Mix: (with relief in her voice) yes, we just want to confirm and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

I thought that was so funny. I’m sure that poor lady has probably busted people before, but not with us!

Look at the dessert – I ate it all!


The view from the 67th floor over the Strip was absolutely amazing!


Here is a picture of me playing with the camera phone. I was trying to get The Hotel sign in the background.


As you can tell, the day was filled with doing a lot of nothing… Pretty sure that is on the agenda again for today. This weekend’s 8 mile run could be very interesting!

Do you ever have nothing days like this? I must be honest, this is a VERY welcome treat for me that I’m just not used to!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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1 Response to How To Sum Up Yesterday – Eating and Relaxing!

  1. Kelly says:

    how fun! My last true “nothing” day was when NYC was supposed to get hurricane Irene and everything was closed. It was really awesome, I must say. Glad you’re relaxing and having a great time over there!

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