Viva Las Vegas

We made it to Vegas! The flight was great and I enjoyed my omelette and unlimited Diet Coke!


Sitting by the window gave me a great view of the Grand Canyon – God sure knew what he was doing creating a beautiful earth.


The BIGGEST surprise came when we checked in to our hotel, Aria, which became our favorite when we stayed last year for our anniversary. We got an upgrade to the penthouse apartment sky suite – which is very sweet! Ha, ha… I crack myself up with these things!

As soon as I walked in, I noticed they had chocolate covered strawberries and a card that said ‘Happy Anniversary!’ I love the wonderful little touches like that!


Now for the tour of our room. I’m VERY tempted to never leave this room over the next 3 days! You will see why in these pics and I’m sure agree quite quickly with me. Please remember these are taken with my iPad, so not the best quality.

Would you like to hang out in my den and watch some television?


Care to share a meal with me in the dining room? I can make you something in the kitchenette – which I have stocked with Diet Coke and Evian water!



The bedroom and bathroom are massive – complete with a heated toilet seat. My suitcase is already unpacked… Mom, just go ahead and bring Lauren to me as I’m never leaving!

As I said, today is our 7 year wedding anniversary. We agreed no presents, but I did surprise Billy with his favorite. I got him spray cheese and Chicken in Biscuit crackers. He was so surprised with this wonderful treat and he was very kind to share with me!

Do you ever get to that point where there is nothing that you want for a present? There just isn’t anything that I need. Now, if I win the jackpot… That could all change! But, it is kind of hard to win when I haven’t gambled.

Please have a happy Tuesday! We are going to dinner tonight at Mix on top of The Hotel, which is where we have gone for the last 3 years! The food is so yummy!!!

Oh yes, I am going to leave the room and head to the gym at some point. For now, a Diet Coke is calling my name as I enjoy this view!



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1 Response to Viva Las Vegas

  1. omg what an amazing upgrade…enjoy your trip (and anniversary!)

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