A Day In The Big D… Dallas, that is!

Yesterday, I made a quick flight to Dallas to see my dear friend Kelly! We had so much fun… Don’t you love friends when you haven’t seen them in a while, but you start chatting as if you saw them every day – totally the best! 🙂

The day started with a trip to the United Lounge (still can’t get used to saying that versus President’s Lounge for Continental) pre-flight where I broke the rules and brought in my Shipley’s!


Oh, it was so yummy… Sausage and cheese kolache with a chocolate filled donut!

I boarded the flight and was off to Dallas in a quick 40 minutes. Kelly and I went to get a mani/pedi and then decided it was lunch time!

We headed over to Mi Cocina in Highland Park for some very good, and posh, Tex-Mex! We started with queso and then moved on to a half order of fajita nachos! They brought us each our own salsa – very wise of them as I literally drank it!


We walked around the outdoor shopping center – Tory Burch, Hermes, Chanel, etc. it was complete bliss!

After that, I went to see Kelly’s casa before heading over to Sonic… Literally 2 minutes before Happy Hour was over! I decided to just get a large Diet Coke given I was about to board a plane back to Houston… Normally, I get a Route 44! Yes, 44 ounces of Diet Coke with the BEST ice.


We went to the airport – I was shocked the day was already over, but it was so wonderful to see Kelly and catch-up!

Billy picked me up at the Houston airport after a day of golf and I thought we would make it home in time to see Lauren before she crashed. But, that didn’t happen! Lauren was sound asleep and I enjoyed holding her for a bit.


I hope everyone had a great weekend! We are at the airport… Again! But, this time on our way to Vegas!!! It is our 7 year anniversary and we were married in Vegas – great place to go back for celebrations.

We both got the First Class upgrade and hope to sleep a bit! I hope everyone has a very happy Monday!


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2 Responses to A Day In The Big D… Dallas, that is!

  1. Kelly says:

    sounds like you’re really enjoying your vacation so far! Have an amazing time in Vegas and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Rachel says:

    You sure do have some fun and all that traveling! Whoo-hoo! The visit with your friend sounds terrific. Nothing like chatting and laughing with friends. Of course great food just adds to the pleasure!!
    I love Sonic’s happy hour too.

    Enjoy the trip to Vegas!! Happy Anniversary!

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