Howdy Y’all!

I guess you can tell we made it to Texas!

Lauren and I left London on Thursday morning… It was mighty cold!


It was a long 10.5 hour flight! We played lots of Fruit Ninja and I came very close to beating my high score of 698, but didn’t and Lauren watched lots of Fresh Beat Band while talking on the ‘phone.’ Many will think this is the tv remote, and you are right!


We landed in Texas and Lauren ran to meet Mimi while yelling ‘Mimi, Mimi, Mimi’ as we came out of the double doors from Border Control and Customs. Everyone around smiled and said that was so wonderful! Yes, it really was!

Guess what? It isn’t cold here… Nope, it was 77 degrees when we landed!

Friday was quite the busy day… Lauren woke up at 2:45am and then again at 5:45 – silly jet lag. I guess you know that I didn’t sleep after 2:45!

So, I got up and took advantage of the weather and went for a long run. My mother told me she found a perfect out and back loop with a beautiful view of the lake and golf course.


Look how gorgeous the leaves are on the trees.


There was only one problem… I started to wonder what had I done to upset my mother! It was a great route, but INCREDIBLY hilly! I would literally come off one hill and be so excited to see the downhill… Only to see anther uphill literally at the next house!

I was a bit excited though to see my pace! I was very surprised to see that my pace for the entire run was my goal marathon pace – even with the hills! I’m sure it was great practice, but I will find a little bit more of a flat surface for next weekend’s run to add on!

I hope you have a great Saturday and safe travels! I will show you all of the wonderful food on tomorrow’s post!

All for now from the land of Macaroni & Cheese!



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