Where To Begin?!

So much time has elapsed since my last post. I’m not even sure where to begin for everyone to be caught up… It may take me several posts, but I will get there!

Disneyland Paris
It was absolutely beautiful and we all had a wonderful time! We hardly ever saw the oldest, but that was due to her having a fantastic time with her friend that came along. Lauren was a real trooper and yelled ‘Mickey, Mickey’ over and over. She just couldn’t believe her eyes seeing Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy everywhere As we left Disney the first night, she was kissing the air. We asked who she was kissing…. Her response? You guessed it ‘Mickey!’

The park was decorated so beautifully and we ate extremely well! Here is a picture of Lauren modeling her new Minnie shirt and brush – striking a pose! 🙂


Vienna, Austria
Vienna was absolutely as gorgeous as everyone said! My friend, Olga, was a fabulous tour guide and knew some really great places to eat. We did a lot of eating! The Christmas Markets were incredible – didn’t buy anything but food and drink!

Here is a picture of the main Christmas Market where we had a Chocolate Waffle, some punsch (mulled wine) and gnocchi & cheese (similar to Mac and Cheese).


I did get a run in on Saturday morning, which was a good thing considering how many times we visited the sausage stand across from the Vienna Opera House! I met some other runners and ran with them a bit. This was fun and they took my picture. It was three couples all training for their 7th marathon. The lady said ‘pretend like you are running.’ Like my pose?


We were off to the ‘upper class’ Christmas Market in front of a palace. The tree was massive and I loved hearing the carols. We only got punsch here!


We headed back to Vienna and did a bit of shopping. I loved the light decorations as they were just so beautiful and looked just like chandeliers.


From here, we were off to the sausage stand (again!). This is my bratwurst dog that had ketchup and mustard on the inside (first visit). I haven’t had this kind of hot dog since France ~9 years ago!


Since we hadn’t had enough food, we went to a champagne bar for a snack of Brie on pumpernickel bread topped with a fig. It was really good – so good that we each had two of them! We brought our sacher torte along with us from the famous Sacher Cafe/Hotel for dessert. I will have to find a picture of the torte as it was amazing!


We went back to the hotel for some hot chocolate before heading back out around 9pm to the sausage stand…. I told you we visited that place a lot! It is a VERY good thing that I got a run in Saturday morning!


It was really a lot of fun and nice weekend getaway! 🙂

My runs are progressing really well. I feel like I’m getting stronger, which is a very good thing considering that I have 18 weeks to go… I realize this is a good distance (did you get the pun?!) away, but it will be here before I know it!

Tonight, I met my trainer and we repeated our run from the first session. Get this… I shaved 2:21 off my time! Isn’t that great?! Tonight’s run was a bit harder as there were more tourists on the Tower Bridge and the wind was in my face. But, it was 2:21 faster! We then did sprint repeats, rowing machine, kettlebells and planks. Yep, I probably won’t be able to walk well tomorrow!

I forgot… I’ve been using my foam roller like crazy! It even came to Vienna with me!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! As you can tell, I’m still trying to run off all that sausage and chocolate from my girl’s weekend in Vienna!


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