So Many Reasons To Be Thankful

On my way to work this morning (today wasn’t a holiday in London), I smiled at my ever growing list of reasons to be thankful! I thought I’d share a few of them with you – trust me, there are so many more!

1. The opportunity to live in a city that I’ve always dreamed about living! Which goes hand in hand with I’m thankful for my job and how much I really enjoy it. So many times, I don’t stop to ‘smell’ the roses. My goal between now and Christmas is to do exactly this!

2. Little Lauren – The opportunity to go through IVF in itself was truly a blessing, but we did this during Thanksgiving 3 years ago and found out the day after Thanksgiving the dream was a reality!


3. Sweet Bailey – My oldest is 14 years-old and teaches me something new each day! She was always so amazed at how little I knew about all things Disney. She gave me a crash course one weekend and is just such a fun person! Yes, this was many years ago… But, I’d like to keep her younger and preferably shorter than me… Given she is 5ft 5 inches – don’t think that will happen.


4. Wonderful husband who keeps me ‘down to earth!’ He just laughs at some of my astronomical ideas and we balance each other out. I’m lucky that he also has a love to travel. Along those lines, I am thankful he has wonderful parents – especially, wonderful parents that have always ensured the sofas they purchase are very comfy since I always seem to fall asleep on their sofa in an instant!


5. Fabulous Parents who have always supported me in anything and everything! This picture is from 2003 when they came to NYC for me to run the marathon. I just love them so much!


6. Lots of wonderful and supportive friends and blogging friends! You all make me smile and truly put up with me – not sure how you do it so well! 🙂

7. Never giving up on my running dreams. My legs have run many miles and while they get upset at times, they’ve never failed me… Yes, IT Band I am specifically speaking to you! Here is a picture of me after the 2003 NYC Marathon! I have 20.5 weeks left to go until Paris! If I heard them correctly, I think those fabulous parents of mine will be there to watch and celebrate!


8. A wonderful God who I give thanks to each and every day… Many times as I’m just walking down the street or really anywhere. Yes, I do talk to myself often when these feelings come over me… To answer the next question, I do get strange looks from others!

I hope your Thanksgiving has been truly wonderful. It was a long and busy day at work. Given such, our dinner was ordered from Domino’s Pizza – which I think everyone was thankful for.


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1 Response to So Many Reasons To Be Thankful

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Hi Karen ~~ This was a very nice blog. Of course, (1) I have an interest and (2) I was featured.
    Our turn, we are so thankful for you, for having you, and being with you for those 22 years while you were growing up. We are thankful for all our family, kids, grandkids, and the greats. We are thankful for the family that you and Billy have made too! 🙂

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