I’ve Gone Kettlebell Mad!

Let’s review what happened this week… Oh, that is right – nothing much! All due to the fact that I couldn’t walk for most of the week!

After Monday’s workout, I literally couldn’t walk well until Thursday! It was horrible, but a ‘good’ pain. All because of this little thing.


Yes, I actually went and bought one today. This little contraption is actually so neat and I’ve been reading a lot about how great this is for distance runners. Someone even did research about running 3x a week and working out with the kettlebells on some of the other days. This person ran their half marathon in 2 hours – not bad!

So, I’ve got my own kettlebell now! I did run 4 miles several times this week to help ease the pain, along with using the foam roller morning and night.

But, I haven’t been feeling well yesterday and today – not really sure what it is, but I went to Harry Morgans on our High Street today and got chicken noodle soup with matzo balls to help kick this! It was so good – even when I’m feeling better, I will definitely be going down there for more!


On our way to get to the kettlebell at John Lewis, we saw Father Christmas! Lauren loved him and blew kisses as we left the store.


Of course, we had to stop and spend some time with Minnie at the Disney store!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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3 Responses to I’ve Gone Kettlebell Mad!

  1. mom says:

    Did Lauren help you carry the kettlebell home? Just carrying it home should be the exercise for today!

  2. Jim says:

    You chicken noodle soup looks good. 🙂 You like it with the matza balls? and to you eat the whole matza ball? I might try it but would share my matza ball with Mom.
    Thank you for telling about the spinach with mushrooms (similar to a crustless quiche) and topped with chives/tomato! I knew it was a spinach dish but guessed a cheese concoction between the spinach pieces. I hope you didn’t mind me putting on your picture of it. Thank you.
    Keep up with the running even when you can only run four miles to work out the stiffness! 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m curious as to how much your kettlebell weighs?
    My niece is a runner too. Hope you are feeling better and not coming down with something. Soup is a good choice for those times and that soup looks great! Loved the photos!

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