Do You Wear A Tiara Everyday?

In our house, the answer to that question is… Yes, of course we wear a tiara everyday!

Last night, I was getting caught up on my quality mindless tv shows and watched the first episode of Tamara Ecclestone’s new show – Billion $$ Girl. The more I watched it, the more I got caught up in this show and couldn’t skip the commercials fast enough (I’m not exactly sure why, though). You probably know her as Bernie Ecclestone’s (from Formula One) daughter and her sister Petra purchased Candy Spelling’s home in LA.

She had a bad day as one of her meetings didn’t go well so she went tiara shopping with her sister, Petra… You know, just a normal day! As they are trying on tiaras, Tamara tells Petra, “we should wear tiaras everyday.” I can’t believe they don’t. I mean, we even wear tiaras everyday at our house!

The first thing little Lauren does each morning is to put on her tiara! Here she is this morning – literally 5 minutes after waking up!


Our tiaras aren’t as fancy as their shopping adventure took them to, but we have Ariel and Sleeping Beauty on our tiaras! Oh and did I mention they were free?! Lauren and I got them when we went to see Rapunzel become Disney’s latest Princess.

If you ever want a boost, I completely agree with Tamara and Petra… A tiara always does the trick!! 🙂 Do you wear a tiara everyday?


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2 Responses to Do You Wear A Tiara Everyday?

  1. Rachel says:

    No, I don’t, but I have a plastic one with fake jewels in it. I might have to wear it and see if I feel like a queen!! Haha! Lauren looks mighty cute in hers!!

  2. mom says:

    Lauren is a princess. She should wear her tiara everyday! I’ll try a tiara next time I want a boost! Sounds good! Thanks for the picture.

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