Fall Is Here, but I Embarrassed My Teenager!!

Today is Marathon Sunday in NYC!!! It is definitely a neat experience to run over the Verrazano Bridge and see the thousands of people in front and behind you! My parents went with me and we had so much fun that week in NYC. It was my Father’s birthday that week, and what a great place to celebrate!

I’m looking forward to reading a recap on the blogs of those running today!

Last night was Guy Fawkes Night. There were SO many fireworks and kids outside with sparklers. Lauren really enjoyed watching the fireworks and would repeat over and over ‘pretty!’. She ran to the window each time she heard the popping sound. Her big sister went to a local park with friends to sit on the hill and watch them across London!


Billy got home from golf yesterday and I took off for my run. The goal was to go the same pace for the entire 5 miles no matter how slow or fast – each mile had to be relatively the same. Success – All 5 miles were within 3 seconds of each other!!

During the week, I pretty much run in the dark and have missed the leaves changing colors. Not today!!! Everything was very lovely.


I bet you can tell which mile was the slowest… That would be the 3rd since I had stopped to take this picture! But, it was definitely worth it.

When I got home, I walked to Abbey Road for my cool down and then time for the one-leg lunges. By the way, I’m very sure there is a more technical name for it… I just don’t know it! I did 10 lunges 2x on each leg and then 30 tricep dips.

See, this is when I embarrassed my teenager. Her friends just stepped off the bus as I was out there completing my lunges and tricep dips! She was MORTIFIED. Oh well, I am sure this wasn’t the first time AND I know it won’t be the last!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and had a great weekend!


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