Museum, canapés and sunrises… Oh, my!

For a Tuesday night, last night was a lot of fun! My work sponsored an event at the Natural History Museum.

Billy and I met where the Jubilee Line empties out at Green Park. We then headed over to the Piccadilly Line toward South Kensington. It was a beautiful night with the museum lit up in green!


We checked in and then took our belongings to the coat check. From there, off to mingle, eat canapés and walk through the exhibit. It was to showcase the Veoila Environment Photographer of The Year. The exhibit and pictures were absolutely amazing. We even bought a coffee table picture book!

After a fun evening, we headed home and stopped off to get Subway! I’m sure you can tell by now that we really like Subway!

I woke up super early this morning and headed out for a run. Take a look at this beautiful sunrise! It helped make my morning, but then I was faced with one-leg lunges… Ouch! But, my stability is getting much better! 🙂


I hope y’all have had a nice Tuesday and Wednesday!


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1 Response to Museum, canapés and sunrises… Oh, my!

  1. Jim says:

    I’m a night person. I’d take your evening any day instead of waking up early to punish my body. 🙂
    I know you enjoy both. The morning’s reward is building the better in shape you get.
    The Museum building is sooooo pretty with it’s upper lights shining and the spots on the sides.

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