How many clowns can you fit in a pram?

For this pram, the answer is only one!


But, that is because EVERY thing else Lauren was playing with is crammed into this pram. I’m not sure what came over her, but she loaded the pram up today. The entire time, she was concentrating and never got discouraged when something would fall out!

I had a very nice day off today. For starters, it was 61 degrees! We had an electrician come this morning to look at a couple of lights and our towel heaters. As a side note, I’ve never lived someplace that had towel heaters and floor warmers. I’m really getting used to this… Of course, I’ve also never lived anyplace that these two things would be required! 🙂

I met a friend for coffee on the High Street and then went to Tesco. I also got to hang out with my family and that was very nice. Tomorrow will be a busy day, but it has been a very nice 3-day weekend.

Here is a picture of Lauren and me last night at Pizza Express. Her shirt says ‘Mommy’s lil Pumpkin!’


I know you are all eager to hear how my training went… It went well, but my bum was kicked and will definitely hurt tomorrow! It was so beautiful though to run around the Thames (London Bridge and Tower Bridge) at night. We ran up steps (2 at a time), down steps, several miles at a speedy pace, lots of lunges using a park bench for one leg and only one leg on the ground and the the TRX equipment… Ouch!! She is really great and super knowledgeable and put up with all of my silly dumb questions!

Here is what I looked like before leaving the flat. The smile was a bit weary when I returned back through the door! But, I loved every minute of it.


I hope everyone has had a great Halloween! We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters, but then again we do live in a building of flats. There were lots of kids out and some had the cutest costumes!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!!!


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3 Responses to How many clowns can you fit in a pram?

  1. Jim says:

    I am glad that you had a nice day off, Karen. 🙂 How quiet was the work Blackberry?

    Good too that you are running now for the April 15th marathon. I suppose doing those steps two at a time is good training for hills? (How many hills in Paris? — Mom and I did find really steep one with Satrecre Coeur chruch at the top.) When I would run sometimes during a work break I would go to the San Jac track. For variation I would run up the bleacher steps, run across the section, down those steps, over to the next sectrion, up those stairs, etc. all the way to the end and then do it coming back.
    I got a nice compliment one time about my ‘gams.’ :rofl:

    Karen takes after you. You used to stack things. I am glad she has patience, that will go a long way with her. Has she figure out how to make lists yet? I am betting she will at an early age.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed all that running and that you liked your trainer.

    Wow, towel warmers and floor warmers? Sounds great to me! That’s being super spoiled!

  3. mom says:

    Glad you are getting your training off to a great start & that you are so enthusiastic about it. I told Mitch. Wouldn’t it be great if he’d train and come run with you.
    Little Lauren is starting to think “outside the box”. She had a plan and was achieving it. It must have been fun watching her work at it. Makes you wonder what is going through that developing brain and all the ideas and concepts she is putting together. Maybe you already guessed it—I’m proud of both of you.

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