London Things To Do… Cross one thing off that list!

Yes, I have a list of things that I want to do before leaving (it also includes places for trips). There goes that list making… I told you that I was Queen of Lists! 🙂

This last Tuesday night, I had my Junior League meeting and it was held at the Royal Overseas League in Mayfair. It was very pretty and the Drawing Room was gorgeous!

Our meeting didn’t last near as long as they normally do… And let me tell you why!

We had a reserved spot at MAHIKI!!!! This is a place that I have wanted to attend for years (yes, even before moving here) in the Mayfair area. Here is a picture of the outside. There was a queue, but they opened the rope (no waiting) for us and it was free!


Besides all of the socialites going here and tons of paparazzi on the outside, it is also well known as the place Kate Middleton went when her and William first broke up to show she was back on the market.

I didn’t stay very long (only ~30 minutes) as the next day was a super busy day at work and I still had some “homework” to finish. But, I did stay long enough to check out the floors and order a yummy champagne drink – their signature drink!


Even if I could have only stayed 5 minutes, I can say that I’ve been to the very posh MAHIKI. It was definitely a seen and be seen place to attend!

Today has been a somewhat lazy day… Okay, very lazy day. This potty training thing is NOT going well! Any tips, I’d love to hear them. Patience is definitely a virtue! 🙂

But, we are about to call it a day with the potty training and meet some friends at… You guessed it! Pizza Express! 🙂

First, Happy Birthday to my father! We called him on Skype this morning!

I meet my marathon trainer tomorrow evening… I’m looking forward to it! She is a Nike Master Trainer and co-created the Nike Training Club app. I think my bum will be kicked!

Have a great Sunday!

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1 Response to London Things To Do… Cross one thing off that list!

  1. Rachel says:

    How wonderful that you got to do one thing on your list! I must go over and wish your Dad a happy birthday. I’m no help with the potty training, but I expect a lot of patience would be needed!!

    Good luck with the trainer!

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