I’m Not Always The Best Listener… There, I admit it!

I know this will not come as a surprise to lots of people… But, I’m sometimes not the best listener!

On Friday night, I walked through the door and greeted everyone with a hug and kiss. That’s our usual routine and I love it!

Although, I noticed a letter sitting on the entrance table and had wanted to read it since it was regarding the recent fire.


All around me though, my family was trying to engage me in conversation. I didn’t know what they were saying, but I said the obligatory.. “oh really” or “that’s nice”. But, it was the one word of “okay” that got me in trouble with the 2-year old.

Yep, she had asked if we could have pizza for dinner and I had told her that was okay. It wasn’t as I really just wanted chicken for dinner. But, she was already running around the flat chanting ‘pizza’ over and over! Although, she says it like ‘Pisa.’

I tried to ‘wiggle’ out of it, but Billy said that wouldn’t be a good example and he is right!

So, we all got ready and walked down the street to Pizza Express. It was just as yummy as the first time. We might be addicted!


Lauren had 4 pieces of pizza – she was so excited and we couldn’t cut it fast enough!


We all shared a dessert!


It was a fun night and then we walked back home!

Sorry my post is so late this morning. I’m usually a super early Saturday morning blogger! I was up super early, but was getting caught up with two episodes of my favorite US show – “The Real Housewives!”

Everyone here in the UK, don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight!

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Saturday!


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5 Responses to I’m Not Always The Best Listener… There, I admit it!

  1. mom says:

    A “pisa” place within walking distance is quite the life especially for a 2 yr old and a teenager! The dessert wasn’t bad either. In fact, I might would want to start the meal with the one you pictured! Lauren looks really serious and is getting down to business even though she is having to use a long-handled fork. Glad she doesn’t just have to have Domino’s now.

  2. Jim says:

    I know that sundae tasted much better than it looked. And it looked sooooo pretty! 🙂
    I’ll have some pizza too. I’m wondering if she has a favorite kind and can tell you that?

    • The sundae was great and had fudge cake with chocolate icing cut up in it! So yummy! Cheese pizza is all that she really eats. So far, Domino’s and this one is still all that she eats… Progress, though!

      • mom says:

        We’ll try Incredible Pizza when she comes. She likes the rides there. We never have enough tickets to get any prizes so she doesn’t know about that.

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