You Got It… More Food!

A Saturday isn’t a Saturday without friends, family and food!

Pretty soon, I will be adding long runs to that list as marathon training is about to kick off… More on that later! For now, back to the good stuff!

We started off the morning going to Borough Market with some friends. It was their first time to visit and by the looks of it – it probably won’t be their last. Who can blame them as Borough Market is great!

Here is Lauren all ready to go as we leave our flat!


We started off going to Maria’s for a wonderful greasy spoon fry-up. It is so yummy. Then, we just walked around, sampling food and purchasing a few things. We bought some freshly made gnocchi and I can’t wait to make it for dinner. It was so good and I don’t even like pasta!

We arrived home around noon and then Billy went to golf. For some reason, I woke up on my own around 4:45am Saturday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep… Major urgh for a Sat morning. So,I was really ready for a nap. Lauren took her nap and then mummy took hers at the same time. That was wonderful and never happens!

I woke up to pure excitement. Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives New York retweeted me!!!! I had watched E News while I was awake super early in the morning and tweeted her saying that I loved seeing her on the show… She retweeted it! 🙂

In the late afternoon, our friends (same ones from Borough Market) came over to play XBOX 360. We all had so much fun! Of course, how can you not have fun playing those games! We had some prosecco, hummus and other snacks to keep us going.

After all of this fun, we headed over to Pizza Express on Abbey Road. It was so good! I usually only purchase their pizzas from Tesco when on sale at 2 for £5. But, it was so good at the actual restaurant! They had a 2 for £10 menu and this just might be my new favorite!

I started off with warm dough balls dipped in butter…


Then, the pizza came out. I normally don’t get to have MY choice of pizza as I usually have to share a pizza with Lauren or something like that… Not tonight! I had pepperoni with jalapeños and it was SO good! Here is a picture of my pizza!

Notice the big smile! It took everything I had to not rip into that pizza versus smiling! 🙂

We had a table full of food!


I ate Lauren’s dessert from her kid’s menu! It was dough balls to dip in Nutella! Nutella is my all time favorite and this dessert was a perfect end to a perfect day and meal!


I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!


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2 Responses to You Got It… More Food!

  1. Jim says:

    I like everything here, Karen. 🙂 The Borough Market is great for starters with a bap, sausage and/or bacon, and an egg. Coffee goes good with that breakfast but I know you had a Diet Coke.

    Next time we visit we will check out the Pizza Express. It was tough just walking by as we seemed to always be doing. I am not sure about the dought balls. Is it British?

  2. Rachel says:

    I see your Dad has taught you how to eat well! The warm dough balls dipped in butter sounds great and the pizza looks oh so good! I love pizza but not real often. I have never tried Nutella. It’s ironic you mentioned it because today I picked up some at Walgreens (of all places!) and almost bought it, but then put it back on the shelf.

    I’m writing this on Sunday night and the weekend is almost over now. It is over there for sure, since I think you are about 5 hours ahead of us here. Are you picking up a British accent yet??

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