I Heart Food! :)

I know this will come as no surprise to anyone, but I love food. No, wait… I Seriously. Love. Food.

Food stays in my thoughts 24/7 – literally. I wake up thinking about food… What will I eat for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner? I’m literally obsessed with it! I get to work and first thing is to see what is in the canteen for lunch (I’ve already checked email and responded to things before leaving the house – so, no need to check email immediately). Truth be told, I’ve already looked it up on Monday and planned out my lunches for the week! Crazy, right? Okay, I think it’s actually called OCD.

Here is all that I can think about right now

Yes, chocolate soufflés are always on the top of my list!


Fondue is always good, but here is what is >100% on my mind (if that’s mathematically possible)…


This is Greek yoghurt, with a berry compost and topped off with candied pistachios/white chocolate square! Oh SO YUMMY!! I’ve been making a version of this each morning and it’s good, but not as good… Ah, food! 🙂

I’m sure I’ve freaked out some people recently with my food obsession (oh, the email that I just sent a friend with a ZILLION restaurants). It’s not my fault! 🙂

Rachel, it is so good to hear from you! I’ve been a bit worried about you… Guess what, you got the Disney Princesses 100% right!!! You are the only one – my parents did get the bonus… Belle is Lauren’s favorite as she likes the opening songs. Hyacinth is so funny. That is one show that I can watch the same episode over and over and laugh as if it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it! 🙂 the riparian entertainment is absolutely hilarious! She did get wet in that one also. Oh, that Hyacinth!

I hope everyone has had a FABULOUS Monday! 🙂


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2 Responses to I Heart Food! :)

  1. Rachel says:

    I heart food too, far more than I should, but I don’t wake up wondering what I’ll eat. I usually don’t eat when I first get up. I make up for it later in the day though! The Greek yogurt as pictured looked really yummy and anything with white chocolate has to be great!

  2. Hi Rachel, Greek yogurt is really food and the white chocolate just made it that much better! Of course, anything with white chocolate has to be good! I’d encourage you to try the Nutella sometime. We love it… Had to get 2 containers of it though as I caught my oldest eating it straight from the container with a spoon! She has her own now. It is also really great on graham crackers, vanilla wafers and shortbread cookies! Of course, it is wonderful on bananas and crepes.

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