Thursday – One of my favorite days!

There are so many reasons why, but #1 on the list has to do with it being trash day!

While trash from our flat is picked up daily, it is collected only once a week for my neighbours living in a ‘stand-alone’ house. Thursday is that day for them. I have noticed that it takes me longer to arrive at my tube station on Thursdays – because I’m looking at people’s trash!

Now before you think I’m crazy (I’ve been called a dork at least 4x/day in the last week at our flat), it is part of my job to look at people’s trash and notice things ‘out of place.’ After all, I am Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of the NNA. What does NNA stand for? Nosey Neighbour Associates.

Let me tell you a little history about the NNA. When my childhood friend (Kelly) and I lived together in Friendswood, we founded the Nosey Neighbour Associates. We went around with a tablet and pen to spy on our neighbours and take notes. I kid you not – that was our favourite after school activity (besides playing tennis in the street).

So, it is part of my job spec to ensure I know and keep an eye on my neighbours.


This house has way more wine and beer than the last one, but they SHOP a lot!


On to my running…

This morning was incredibly windy meaning my run was completed on the treadmill – Not my favourite! Before you think I’m a wimp (which I probably am), it was so windy in the middle of the night that it slammed our room door shut! Crazy. Here is my yucky treadmill today…


But, I’ve saved the BEST NEWS for last! Anyone want to schedule a trip to Paris next April? These are the words that came in my inbox yesterday:

Be ready to run in Paris!

You are now registered for the 36th edition of the Paris Marathon that will take place on Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Yes, I’m running the Paris Marathon! Better get a little more serious about running!

All for now… I hope your week is going great! If we do a recruiting spree, send us your CV for consideration into the NNA! 🙂


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1 Response to Thursday – One of my favorite days!

  1. Jim says:

    Mom and I used to see one, just one of you guys, peeking over that backyard fence. The other one, Kelley the time I remember best, was back in her yard hiding behind something that her dad had put out there.
    You kept things private, I never found out one thing about the neighbors from you. 🙂

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