Disney Gets A New Princess… And We Were There!

Man, this weekend has gone so fast! First, a big shout out to my cousin Lisa who is following me on Twitter! 🙂 I’ve got 2 followers!

I woke up this morning and checked Twitter where there was a tweet from Nicole Richie. She was letting everyone know that she had just arrived in London for the induction of Rapunzel as a Princess. Naturally, I ‘Googled’ the celebration and decided Lauren and I should attend. We rushed to get ready!

Lauren put on her Minnie dress and from there she started to scare me! She ran to my make-up area and started to put on make-up before heading to the door and grabbing her sunglasses!

We arrived at the Gardens and checked out the pretty horses and carriages. Lauren waved and blew kisses to all of the horses and then we found a shady place to wait.

I’m glad we got there 1.5 hours early as it got SUPER crowded! No worries as we had an awesome front row seat!

This is where Rapunzel’s Royal Procession began… And so does your quiz!! Can you name in order of the pictures Disney’s 10 Princesses?! There’s even a bonus question – which of the 10 is Lauren’s favorite? No cheating by calling her on Skype to ask!! 🙂


Ready, set, GO!!











And finally, a picture of Lauren and Karen wearing the tiaras they gave us at the procession!!! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week!



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4 Responses to Disney Gets A New Princess… And We Were There!

  1. Jim says:

    I like the tiaras, Karen. I also like the ‘friendly stranger’ who took this picture. Thank you whoever you are. 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    I think Lauren liked Snow White. My alternate answer if the one in the yellow dress. Is that suppose to be Belle? Mom

  3. Jim says:

    Mom’s Guesses
    I don’t know all the princesses but here goes the ones I think I know:
    Snow White
    Sleeping Beauty
    Wicked Step Sister
    the next two, I have no idea

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