A Lovely Saturday

Today’s weather has been absolutely gorgeous!

It started with Lauren my alarm clock that can’t be snoozed waking up at 7:15. I put her hair in a ponytail – doesn’t she look cute 🙂


I then headed out for a run as it was such a lovely morning.


Notice the laugh as I’m taking the picture? Billy and Lauren were there and Billy said ‘well, we know you’ll never have pictures on idontlikeyouinthatway since you can’t even take a picture of yourself while looking in the mirror.’ haha, someone thinks they are funny! Actually, I did laugh and so did Lauren… Although, I don’t think she knew why that was funny – or I hope not!!!

Off I went to the park where the leaves are really starting to change colors!


As soon as I came home, I got ready and ate my husband’s world famous poached eggs – so yummy! Lauren and I then headed out to Borough Market. I love Borough Market and we were on a mission for the following: Hanuta from the German Deli, Creme Caramels from the Real France stall and a slice of chocolate tart! We had a lot of fun and even ate one of the Creme Caramels there… Only because Lauren threw a fit and started to cry when she saw what I was buying and noticed they were going into a bag versus an immediate snack.

Yummy – Creme Caramels! Courtesy of Mimi do we even know that she likes these.


We got home just in time for her nap and I ran to Subway for us all to have lunch. Our house eats a lot of Subway!

Then it was homework time and Lauren wanted so badly to sit at the kitchen table with her big sister and complete a worksheet. She did okay, but I don’t think she is quite ready for fractions.


We are settling into the evening and the oldest is off to a friend’s house for the night! So, we should have a somewhat quiet flat after Lauren’s shower and bedtime!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


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1 Response to A Lovely Saturday

  1. Jim says:

    I’m glad you two enjoyed your market trip.
    The pictures are good, all of them.
    Our weather was nice for the picnic today,
    it was a high of 81°F here in Texas today.

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