The Last Few Days…

I’ve been in a training course titled ARC (Accounting, Reporting and Control) Essentials and is for those that are either CFOs or their direct reports. I must admit, it has been really good and reminds me of Intermediate Accounting – just crammed into 3 days… Long days!

The class is outside of London in Denham and begins at 8:00am and goes until 6:30pm. We get 30 minutes for lunch and 2 breaks each 15 minutes.

To get there, I leave the house by 6:40am to catch the bus towards Marylebone Station. I must be on the 7:12am train. Here is what the station looks like that early in the morning (empty!)


I’ve been enjoying the nice seats on the train and have used that time to eat breakfast, read the free Metro paper and write my blog! Here is a picture of my table!


The first stop is Wembley Stadium and is actually SUPER large – please excuse the rather dirty train windows!


The last few mornings have been unbelievably gorgeous. It makes me want to be outside versus a training class, but oh well!

I get to Denham and my car is waiting to take me to the Denham Grove. It’s waiting only because I call it when I leave London and know my train will roughly be on time! Off for another day of training!


Enjoy your day!

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