Who Should I Blame?

That might sound a bit harsh, but surely it’s not my own fault?!

Let me begin as I thought a bit more about this question today. The day started off as usual… 4 mile run through beautiful Regent’s Park, poached eggs and then that is where it went to a different routine, but first… Here is a picture of Regent’s Park from this morning.


Have you ever heard of Chipotle? I wasn’t a big fan in the States, but considering I haven’t had Tex-Mex in months, this was incredibly yummy and my lunch today! The guacamole was so good!


That is where our paths went in different directions for the afternoon. Billy went to his golf lesson, he is going to St Andrews next week after all. Bailey, Lauren and I went to Chanel.

Last week was Fashion Night Out (FNO) and as many of you know, I’m BIG TIME addicted to Chanel nail polish. I’m not sure when (>5 years ago) and how this addiction came about… But, I’m addicted! For FNO, Chanel came out with 3 limited edition polish colors all in a denim theme. We just HAD to get them! Bailey and I went to the first Chanel store and they only had two of the three colors. Luckily, the Chanel store we visited was on Sloane Street and right by Harvey Nichols. So, we were off to Harvey Nichols (no sushi today as we’d already had Chipotle for lunch) to their Chanel beauty department. Once getting there, they told us they didn’t sell the polish and only Chanel stores and Selfridge’s sold the colors. They then asked if we were aware of the wait list for these colors… Who did they think we were – newbies or something? We were very much aware…. Off to the Chanel store on Old Bond Street. Guess what? We got their last bottle of the third nail polish color! Score… These colors are so lovely! I’ve attached a picture below. In case you were wondering, Bailey and I have already painted our toes and fingers! 🙂


Okay, back to my point… I’ve been wondering for a VERY long time where I got the hankering for shopping. I mean it is deeply rooted in my veins. I only have one answer – my parents!

Here is why I say that… My first stroller ride and outing in to public after being born was to the Houston Galleria! In other words, my mom must have been cooped up too long and had a hankering to shop. For one of my early birthdays, this was my cake topping (which was used again for my… ahem… 37th birthday).


Don’t all of these signs point to my parents?! 🙂 You know, it is so much easier to blame someone else and not look inward.

Question – Is this destined to happen to Lauren? Her first stroller ride was to the Houston Galleria as well… Oh no, I guess I’ll be reading a similar post to this in 35 years!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


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