Too Many Toys, Limitless… Oh my, what is she talking about?

Growing up and hearing the word boat, I thought of a cruise liner, a pontoon or a paddleboat.

After my last few trips, I’ve definitely added a new one to that list… Superyacht!

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a superyacht is: a very expensive, privately owned yacht that is professionally crewed.

Karen’s definition: absolutely gorgeous, monstrous boat that makes my jaw drop! Weekly rental cost of around €600,000… You are in luck, that does come with food and at that price I’d be eating 24 hours a day to make the most of it! 🙂

On this trip, I didn’t go into Monaco (stayed at the beach in Villefranche) where I have seen some of the most beautiful superyachts. But, there were some not so shabby superyachts in Capri and one being made in Barcelona.

This is the superyacht ‘Limitless’ being made in Barcelona.


Here is ‘Too Many Toys’ in Capri… Which makes me ask, what other toys do you have if this is what pushed you over the edge to have ‘too many?’


I couldn’t remember the name of this one in Capri.


While in Capri, Bailey (again) promised me that when she got older that she would buy me a superyacht. I SO can’t wait… And what happened next should be no surprise… I defined what I meant by a superyacht. You see, I didn’t want her coming back with a toy boat and her saying, “I bought you a superyacht.” 🙂

After hearing all of these names for superyachts, I’ve got to ask… What is a good superyacht name?

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2 Responses to Too Many Toys, Limitless… Oh my, what is she talking about?

  1. Tinman says:

    Hi, I’m here again from your Dad’s blog. Really amazing pictures of really amazing yachts.

    I think a good superyacht name would be “Tinman’s Boat”.

  2. Jim says:

    Okay Karen, I’ve been thinking now for days! 🙂
    For now, it will be “Lady “A””.
    It is fun to be looking isn’t it. You saw some good ones.

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