A Blue Monday?

Lucy, I’m home!! Yes, one of my favorite tv shows was also ‘I Love Lucy.’

We made it back from our holiday and a really great time. I’m sure my >500 pictures will make it on my blog over the next few weeks. Before we stepped on the Disney Magic (that was our ship’s name), I warned my family that this was their pre-warning as I WILL be taking tons of pictures on this holiday with them in the pictures. Yes, I love pictures!

So, why was today a ‘Blue Monday?’

Well, My holiday time is over… But, I was thankful it was a Bank Holiday which helped to extend my vacation at least one more day!

Also, that is what YO Sushi called today. We went to have sushi tonight and I think we might have a new date night spot for the week. On Monday nights, all of our favorite plates are £2.30 and let me tell you we ate for under £20 and that is hard to do in London!
Of course, I got my usual ( you will remember this picture from a couple of weeks ago).


On our way home, we stopped by Ben’s Cookies. They are so yummy!!! We get the box of 7 cookies for the price of 5. The only problem is trying to decide who gets 3 cookies vs the other two in the family only getting 2 cookies. Tonight was my lucky night – I got the 3 cookies! After this cruise and tons of food, I probably didn’t need the 3 cookies… My excuse is that Lauren always seems to help me eat them! 🙂



So, I guess you can tell that I didn’t have a Blue Monday today!

Have a great week! ~Karen


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1 Response to A Blue Monday?

  1. Jim says:

    Last night there were only three of you. What happens when all four are there? (2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 7)
    Oh I know, you buy an extra to make eight. 🙂

    Glad you are going to show us pictures. I will wait and do thank you for that work.

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