Have a Rosy Weekend and All Things Minnie!

I did my usual 4 miles this morning in Regent’s Park and wanted to share with everyone my favorite view during this time of year in the park… Queen Mary’s Garden in the Inner Circle. The roses are absolutely beautiful and there are hundreds of them and different varieties!




Isn’t that lovely?! It always makes me smile as I approach the turn – also, I know that means I’m on my back home and more than halfway done! 🙂

Things might get a bit quiet on the blogging front over the next week. We are so excited to be leaving for Barcelona, Spain tonight for our holiday on the Disney Cruise!

Since Lauren is a Minnie fanatic, we thought this would be a perfect holiday. We took Bailey when she was 6 (yikes, that has been 8 years ago!) and it was so much fun departing from Port Canaveral. On this cruise, we are off to Barcelona, Villefranche/Monaco, Tuscany, Rome, Naples/Capri and Mallorca!

Lauren gave Minnie a call on her Minnie mobile to make sure she was ready and expecting her!


Her Minnie stuffed animal goes EVERYWHERE with her!

One last parting picture as we get ready to head out!


I hope everyone has a rosy weekend and week! Be ready for lots of pictures upon our return!


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4 Responses to Have a Rosy Weekend and All Things Minnie!

  1. Rachel says:

    You certainly do have a beautiful place for your runs!! The roses are lovely!!

    Oh, the cruise sounds wonderful!! You’ll all have a blast!!! Enjoy!

    On your last post you mentioned the Bobble Bottle. I had never heard of them and searched our local stores online but could not find them. Then I went to Ebay and got a couple of them in different sizes! I love them! Thanks!!

  2. Jim says:

    “Wish I were there!” Of course you did invite me and I turned it down for knee surgery instead. I must not be having my head on straight.
    Love your Lauren pictures, She can be soooooo cute sometimes.

  3. Tinman says:

    Hi, I came here from Jim’s post on Six Word Saturday, I’m guessing he’s your dad.

    Hope you all have a great time, especially Lauren.

    The garden pictures are stunning, by the way.

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