Did I Cheat?

The answer…. yes, I did and loved EVERY minute of it. I should probably give a bit more context. Today, I cheated on my beloved yogurt store ‘Yoo Moo’ with the newly opened Pinkberry!

Trivia Question – when did I first fall in love with frozen yogurt? Answer: on a trip with my father to visit my big brother Mitch. We had dinner with my brother at his house (frozen fish sticks) and then went for frozen yogurt – I was addicted from there!

As of late, I’ve been going to Yoo Moo for frozen yogurt some (okay, most) afternoons.


It’s located in the tunnel under my work building in Canary Wharf. I love Yoo Moo for so many reasons, but here are a few
1. You decide how much yogurt you want in your cup by making your own
2. You add the toppings that you want and at what amount
3. You pay by the weight
4. They have a loyalty card (1 stamp each visit no matter how much it costs)
5. The people there know me by name!

Excellent reasons, don’t you think?!

My yogurt always comes out to ~£1.50. Yes, I know exactly how much of what to put in my cup for roughly that price! It’s not like I want a lot… Just something ‘relatively’ healthy and a treat. This is what my cup typically looks like. I did say ‘relatively’ right? Maybe, I usually get a few more strawberries vs chocolate! 🙂


Today is the day that I cheated. You see my all time favorite yogurt store opened in the upscale store Selfridge’s. It’s called Pinkberry and located mainly in LA and New York…. Now, London 🙂

Guess what I had for dinner? You guessed it right, Pinkberry!


It was so yummy!


I loved every second of it, but there were a couple of issues with it
1. They make it for you and put the toppings in your cup
2. It’s a flat price (i.e. Expensive)

How expensive you ask… Very expensive! You see my usual yogurt price is ~$2.40. Today’s yogurt was $8.48 for a SMALL cup!

The verdict: while it was so lovely, probably will just be reserved for ‘special occasions.’ Hmmm… How do you define special occasions? If up to me, everything will now be a special occasion! 🙂

After eating my yogurt, I walked the 1.45 miles home. It was a beautiful night with the temperature around mid-60s. Since I have been working every night this week until 2am, it was nice to be home before 8pm!!

How do you think I should define a ‘special occasion’ for me to get Pinkberry?

Have a great Friday tomorrow! 🙂

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2 Responses to Did I Cheat?

  1. Rachel says:

    We don’t have either of those shops here and this is the first time I had heard of them, but I do love yogurt; frozen and otherwise! Those both look very very yummy!! Making your own would be nice.

    I know it’s wrong to envy, but I do envy the mid 60’s weather! It’s been sooo hot here. Walking in the yard just looking at the flowers makes me break out in a dripping sweat. The humidity is so high.

    That is pricy, but a special occasion could be any day that you are alive! That’s always a reason to celebrate, don’t you think?? 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Jim says:

    Mmmm, a ‘special occasion’ for Karen to get Pinkberry?

    Remember my advice to you guys, please don’t let me EVER SEE my grandchil crying and having a fit in public. If it starts, “buy him ice cream.”
    That is my advice to you about Pinkberry, whenever you feel down, treat yourself to Pinkberry (or whatever). It sure does beat hollering or crying by a whole lot! 🙂

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