A Rainy Day in London…

I’m sure you are saying – do you really expect anything different? The truth is, yes!


I didn’t run this morning because it was raining quite hard (hubby even got rained out at golf). Instead, I worked out with my Tracy Anderson DVDs and let me tell you that it is NOT for wimps!

Today, I decided to complete the 30 min cardio twice and went for an hour. After getting tired of her same music, I made my own mix for the iPod and hook it up to the Boise system. It doesn’t feel like a workout that way, but rather a dance party… And I heart dancing!


You see, I really like this workout and not just because I hope to look like Gwyneth (don’t get me wrong, I do and bought these DVDs from her GOOP email). It is actually a really nice change from running, Pilates and other gym workouts!


What really kicks my bum though on this workout is the 30 min floor work. Ugh, my legs and arms always burn! Yes, I do realize it is only 3 lb weights!


Anyway, a very fun workout and absolutely so much fun to bring cheer in my flat on this rainy day! Also, it is my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday!!!! Her cake arrives at 4 and then time for the celebrations!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Question – do you ever throw in something different to change up your workout? If so, what do you do?

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1 Response to A Rainy Day in London…

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Karen! Jim told me you had a new blog. I think you have a good name for it! I’ll still call you Super Woman though! 🙂

    I can’t believe your daughter is 2 already! Oh, the time flies by!!

    Good for you for working out. I admire those who do it regularly!

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